China is hanging out the UK to dry

Selling out to China

The Chinese have had a policy for decades to legitimately buy up global assets, to secure the future of China. Are they looking for world domination?

The Chinese Belt and Road initiative, has seen many countries (or rather Countries Leaders) profit handsomely, in return of giving up Sovereign properties in exchange for huge sums of Chinese cash.

As a result, this has lead to the legitimate presence of Beijing power existing across the globe, reaching into almost every global government.

The UK’s biggest relationship to exist with the Chinese, was the lease from and then the handing back of Hong Kong to China in 1997. However, this has proved controversial, with the CCP going against the agreement of the 1 Country, 2 systems.


Occupation into neighbouring states

The gradual advance of the Chinese into, and then occupying neighbouring independent countries has raised International concerns over the last 60 – 70 years. Having entered and occupied Tibet in 1951, the Chinese Communist Party remain in situ. The Tibetan Flag is prohibited to be displayed in Tibet.


There has also been clashes with their neighbours, India. The most recent loss of life for India on that border being in 2021.


There remains issues over China’s true intentions concerning Taiwan, and the smaller states bordering the self imposed, & illegal Chinese claims of the 9 dash line in the South China sea.

The Human Rights record of China has also grown over the last few decades. More recently, abuses within China have emerged, and it now seems apparent that the CCP cares for nothing but its own greed.

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China & Technology

China has for some time been using it’s I.T abilities to use cyber attacks / intrusions / hacking to obtain the economic, industrial and political secrets from other States. Mainly Western States, but not exclusively.

China has also commenced a route of engaging with western “anarchy” style groups, causing the spread of dis-information, fake news etc to drum up support against western States by recruiting no-bodies who feel they need to be heard.

The UK has been subjected to such creeping behaviour for more than a decade. The USA has also been targeted.


The Chinese policy is to divide then conquer their opposition.

UK Government & Selling off Britain

Since 1997, consecutive UK governments have been pampering to the CCP to get onto the Yuan gravy-train.

Not only ignoring the well documented Human Rights abuses which are historic and on-going, and our own Security Services advice, our politicians have sold off / allowed Chinese investment of approx. £134 BILLION.

By buying up specific UK business’s, including the UK infrastructure, i.e energy (including nuclear) companies, transport hubs, schools / Universities, telecoms, retailers, hotels, Premiership football clubs, & cinemas to name a few areas of British assets that are now known as “Chinese owned”, to substantially provide internal influences from Beijing.

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Former UK P.M Cameron, has been the main politician mostly responsible for the great UK asset sale to China during his tenure, and appears committed to continuing this UK sell off, if allowed to go unchallenged.

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There is now fresh concern from within Parliament over the ex-P.M’s conduct on lobbying for fresh investments with the Chinese Communist Party.


After all this UK sell off, and politicians need to be asked why this was allowed to happen, the UK is now extremely vulnerable to Chinese influence and debt.

The globe has become a much weaker place physically and financially due to the Covid-19 virus which originated in China.

However China has gone on to become more stronger physically and financially and replying with more aggression to any kind of criticism of it’s behaviour towards other nations.

China military might

Was the release of Covid into the world an accident on China’s part? or just a part of an intentional, well planned operation in order to become the world supreme leader?

As a nation we must reverse the Cameron greed driven gravy train and start taking back our UK business’s. We need to ensure that ALL aspects of our military / defence programs are not infiltrated by Chinese spyware.

We must eradicate Chinese owned banks from our own Financial services.

We must start making our own requirements, and stop the huge imports each year of purely Chinese goods.

Australia needs to cut off the serpents head by stopping ALL of it’s iron-ore exports getting to China.

Brazil needs to stop clearing the Amazon rain forests in order to produce beef for the Chinese.

To stop China creating a massive military machine that is too vast to stop. World domination by stealth has been coming for decades.

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