Genuine refugees or criminal intent?

immigration in the U.K

Immigration is vital to the U.K The U.K needs immigration to keep the wheels of our economy greased and turning.

The British public enjoy the huge range of multi-cultural food that is now available to us that now puts our restaurants & take-a-ways at the top of the global gourmet tree.

Our farmers need people on mass to work the fields most of the year. Back breaking work that no-longer appeals to the U.K workforce.

Our small factories that need a committed work force that can work at mundane tasks all day, for 5 or 6 days a week, all year. Immigrants mostly have a more committed work ethic than that of the British people.

Where would we be without a force of drivers delivering our On-line shopping?

These immigrants are the legal immigrants to the U.K and must be made to feel welcome and wanted. Appreciated even. The process to be allowed entry into the U.K, and to work, is not a completely impossible route to achieve, but it’s not easy and it’s certainly not cheap.

The Home Office charges £1,000 – £2000 just to apply, then if successful, an immigrant can be looking at paying that again, or more, when re-applying for / extending their visa. And if working in the U.K at the time, while also paying tax and N.I, while mainly earning low wages. 

Political Asylum

Asylum seekers in the U.K

Nobody should be allowed to claim “Political Asylum” in the U.K if they have entered the U.K illegally, and arriving from a friendly, non-warring country, i.e France, Ireland, Spain etc


(f) “Economic migrants distinguished from refugees.

A migrant is a person who, for reasons other than those contained in the definition, voluntarily leaves his country in order to take up residence elsewhere. He may be moved by the desire for change or adventure, or by family or other reasons of a personal nature. If he is moved exclusively by economic considerations, he is an economic migrant and not a refugee.


New U.K legislation is needed to ensure Asylum seekers should claim Political Asylum in the first “friendly” country they arrive in. Political asylum should be refused if they choose not to do so.

Immigrants should not be permitted to pick and choose and dictate to Governments their terms.

Why don’t Immigrants apply for asylum in other friendly countries where they would be safe, more alike their own kind. Turkey perhaps, or France?

Haven’t these people heard how racist Britain is? Why would immigrants want to come here? The U.K welfare state which paves this countries streets in gold perhaps?

Any claim of racism, no matter how false that claim might be, always seems to result in substantial financial compensation to immigrants. Unable to find work or a quality of life in their home countries, most immigrants seem well educated in their “rights” in the U.K, and of U.K law.

This type of immigration is an industry run by criminals, but funded by the British taxpayer. Opportunists, not refugees, who know how to abuse our Legal system and our hospitality.

Illegal immigration where someone wrongly claims as being a persecuted individual, are a disgrace to genuine persecuted asylum seekers. A genuine asylum seeker is now viewed with suspicion and contempt. To be dishonest and criminal, intending to help them selves to our quality of life.

These “Asylum seekers” chose to come to the U.K knowing our tax payers will give them the riches of their wildest dreams, and by making pre-arranged contact with the hundreds of over zealous solicitors and self imposed law experts who will assist them, these “asylum Seekers” only want access to the abundance of our limited welfare and Legal Aid monies which currently freely open up and are made readily available to them.

UNHCR Handbook on Procedures 2019

Genuine refugees

Refugees. Genuine or criminal?

This photograph of a small child, 4 or 5 years old who had been put on a ship alone, by her mother in Holland to escape the Nazi invasion of their country, and in the knowledge of the atrocities that were being carried out against a civilian population, during the Second World war. A true refugee.

The ‘photo was taken on their arrival in the U.K, stood in the only clothes they had, with a small case, and trying not to cry.

A true refugee. I’m proud that this country will help such people in such awful times. I believe the child returned to Holland after the war. 

The child didn’t just “rock up” on the beach with friends having acquired a boat from somewhere, using a smart mobile ‘phone with a roaming contract, and sporting the latest Barcelona F.C shirt, smiling and shouting “welcome to England”. 

Legal aid

U.K legal aid for foreigners

Legal Aid per immigration case should be limited to a maximum of £300 per claimant, or 2 hours of work by the appointed legal representative. Whichever is the lower.

That would be sufficient to ensure that the correct procedures for detention / rights etc where complied with but no more. 

Any fees for further Legal assistance should need to be met by the claimant, not the Public Purse. 

The traditional ritual of handing each “Asylum seeker” cash riches on our beaches to welcome them to the U.K, which were originally intended for allowing the “asylum seeker” to find accommodation, clothing and food etc should cease.

This money can be / is sent by various means back to the traffickers to pay for the migrant’s crossings. The British Tax payer is funding the trafficking and / or the terrorism etc etc

Accommodation etc should be provided by The State, and no cash should change hands. It would stop the flow of our tax / cash going back into the accounts of the traffickers to re-fuel the problem of the next wave of illegal immigration rackets.

Also, only Bona Fide qualified Solicitors should be allowed to represent the immigrant.   No Para-legals, lay persons, plumbers, hippies or chippies. Only reputable Law firms who understand the law. 

Why should a genuine Asylum seeker be represented by a non-qualified lay-person on such a serious, life changing matter?

Illegal immigration

An individual who enters the U.K as a legal immigrant, i.e one who has applied to enter the U.K via the Home Office route, & having paid their high fees, & has been allowed entry to the U.K by way of a visa, can not claim from the Public Purse, so why should public funds be willingly handed to ILLEGAL immigrants?  

That’s not a good way to promote the legal route of entry to the U.K.

Any person found to be an illegal immigrant should be jailed, for a minimum period, perhaps 3 months, and denied legal entry into the U.K for a minimum of 5 years. 

Illegal = law breaker, not a victim. 

illegal workers & gang masters

At present, Border Agency staff have to prove someone is illegally in the country. Illegal migrants do not need to to prove they are here unlawfully. 

New legislation is required to assist the work of the Border Agency :- 

a) All non-British persons to carry their passport with them at all times when in the U.K 

b) All British people to be able to provide their I.D details (I.e passport, driving license, electoral roll details etc) to a uniformed Police Officer / Border Agency staff / H.M Dept. of Social security staff on demand. 

Therefore, the onus of proving the right to be in the U.K should fall on each individual on demand, not for the U.K to prove otherwise. 

At present, Gang Masters / employers of illegal migrants seize workers passports and retain / hide the passports away from the worker. The passports are usually kept off the premises, therefore i.e taking temporary ownership of another’s passport. 

This tactic disrupts and frustrates legal / illegal U.K status checks on individuals, and to prevent the worker / modern slave from leaving that “employ” etc.  A long drawn out process for the authorities and an easy, obstructive tactic used by the relevant criminals and their legal representatives. 

Current sentencing says the employer CAN BE fined up to £10,000 for each illegal employee he is found to be employing, but rarely are those employers fined the maximum or for each illegal employee. 

At present, there is legislation whereby any one found employing an illegal worker can be fined £10,000 for each and every illegal employee found in his employ.  

Due to soft sentencing, this hardly ever happens. New legislation is required which makes the courts issue a fine of £10,000 to be made mandatory. No more supporting the local businessman by our courts, and encouraging employing illegal immigrants.

The employer should be reported to HMRC for investigation, a 3 month jail sentence minimum and, where appropriate, their own deportation. 

Border Agency

Not the most professional Government Agency compared to other countries, but, like the U.K Police, it is underfunded, understaffed, not supported and with limited powers. It just can not control immigration on or within our shores.

It is with ease to to enter or leave the U.K without any criminal checks. 

No checks appear to be made on “wanted / known” persons when entering or leaving the U.K  No true Passport control.

No one gets stopped at customs at our airports any more. Heathrow is one of the easiest airports in the world to bring banned / controlled contraband into a country.

Airport staff were not wearing P.P.E to protect passengers or themselves during the first Covid Pandemic in 1&2Q of 2020.

No virus precautions, no worries. Crazy. 

The Border Agency must be invested in and increased in man power to provide a dedicated sizeable National specialist department to tackle illegal workers, child abduction, illegal articles / substances entering this country.

New legislation to allow random “checks” to be made on business’s, without restrictions wherever the Border Agency feel checks should be made, not reliant on a complaint.  A dedicated Force.

It should be a Border Agency full time duty. 

Most complaints made regarding the employment of illegal immigrants / workers and which incriminate restaurants / restaurant owners, originate from unhappy customers.

Encounters with the service received at the restaurant. Complaints not being based on any true suspicions or evidence. Border Agency checks on employment status and those in dwellings, should be from intelligence based information, obtained from professions.

Airports and Ferry terminals 

Points of entry into the U.K by air / sea are slack by comparison to some 3rd world countries. New legislation is needed to tighten this area and our homeland security.

The U.K needs legislation on the following issues:-

  1. Finger print recognition equipment should be used for each and every person entering or leaving the U.K 
  2. Persons found to have a U.K Prison record for Violence, Sexual, Theft / Fraud, Public order or Unsociable Behaviour should be refused entry to the U.K    No if’s, no buts. Not wanted here.   To be applied to all non U.K citizens trying to enter the U.K at any point of entry. 
  3.  Airports and Ferry Ports should clearly state the amount of “Duty Free’s” that we can bring into the U.K from abroad. Currently, there is little, or no clear signage informing passengers of their entitlements.
  4. Checks on passengers when leaving U.K to find any “over stayers”. New legislation / strict sentencing is needed. Overstaying the visa restrictions should be taken seriously. Fines, imprisonment and refusal to re-enter the U.K for 5 or 10 years should be enacted, not threatened. 

Lorry parks

With the introduction of Lorry parks at U.K ports i.e Dover and Portsmouth, due to Brexit, there should be additional lorry sized x-ray equipment for each container leaving or entering the country, at all points of immigration.

As well as illegal immigration, and the usual high end drug importations using HGV vehicles, there is also a very substantial market in stolen “designer” vehicles from the U.K. To some degree there is also a market in lesser valued stolen vehicles from the U.K which then re-surface in African countries.

The use of X-Ray equipment could seriously curtail this criminal industry.

There must be a watertight paper trail present before any import / export crosses U.K borders. Paperwork which suggests that the contents of a container is not “as described” should leave the driver & haulier company at risk of prosecution.

Conclusion:- immigration

New Legislation concerning immigration is required to strengthen our borders by giving greater powers to those responsible to be able to carry out their duties.

More support is needed to come from Government and the Courts for those who try to keep our borders safe and secure.

But that won’t happen.

Only a New Political Party could reshape this country’s image and performance.

E.U regulations insisting the U.K has open borders has allowed millions of people to enter the E.U area illegally, and have been able to make their way into Britain unchallenged for years.

Current Human Rights law prevents the U.K from protecting itself where & when required under the immigration banner.

When the U.K have tried to deport a few individuals, E.U regulations /Human Rights Act & laws have prevented us from doing so. Even after Brexit, the country is still be saturated in unlawful migrants who are unknown and undesirable to the UK.