Human Rights (ECHR) & the UK

Human Rights in U.K

Current Human Rights laws are choking the UK Justice system and the victims liberties.

Human Rights (ECHR) are essential in a civilised society, and the UK is no exception.

However, proven beyond any reasonable doubt, the Human Rights act mainly benefits those who wish to do harm to the U.K.

Criminals & Terrorists are using Human Rights as a tool to avoid being held responsible for their choice of actions, abuses. That behaviour belittles the expectations and hopes of what the Act was hoped to achieve.

This way of life now needs amendments in order for it to reflect a balance to keep British society safe. From itself.

Human Rights in the U.K

Human Rights in the U.K needs addressing. It has seriously unhinged our true Rights and Freedoms which we had enjoyed before this legislation was inflicted upon our shores. It hasn’t benefited the British / E.U people, only those who seek to harm us and our way of life

The UK Government and it’s departments must answer to any inflicted abuse of it’s citizens. Equally, it can not be used as a means for terrorists and criminals to justify and carry out their crimes, and to avoid U.K justice and the law.

Section 1 of the ECHR was worded to ensure justice is not corrupted.

Today, our Courts permit Lawyers with very fertile perverse imaginations. Clouded by large profits no doubt, they have hi-jacked the innocence of this once ground breaking legislation.

ECHR has become a breeding ground for a cause of injustice across the U.K and other complying E.U countries. It has resulted in the deaths of many E.U citizens. Not because of the Act itself, but the accepted sick re-interpretations of it’s intent, and the shaming of anyone who questions those re-interpretations.

Criminals including illegal immigrants and welfare/ asylum seekers use the Rights to their advantage. They all (claim) know their “rights”.

The ECHR is a means of prevention from prosecution of cruel and evil acts made upon others.

Offences committed at home or abroad, or obtaining advantages not of their entitlement. ECHR shields criminals from their criminal actions and their own responsibilities.

The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) has also provided an industry to specific Lawyers. Behaviour of some Law firms continue to reduce these Rights into a legislation used as a weapon against common decency.

This legitimate treachery by those Law firms has resulted in the safety of the U.K and therefore it’s citizens being placed at risk.

Terrorism and crime

Terrorism and crime thrives in the U.K under the Human Rights ECHR banner.

The Blair (UK) Government permitted Abu Hamsa, with a known international criminal record, to gain British citizenship. Hamsa preached evil among the British Islamic community while being immune from prosecution for many years.

That Government (under Blair) obstructed lawful attempts from other respected countries for Hamsa’s extradition. Allegations which involved murders. The UK Courts argued against Hamsa’s extradition to U.K own allies, mainly the USA for terrorist related allegations.

The Human Rights act, used during the Blair Government allowed wanted international terrorists to settle in the U.K. These wanted persons receiving protection from the U.K but still allowing them to continue their thoughts, ideologies and actions against the UK and across the globe.

During the tenure of that Government, the U.K capital became known as Londonistan by our international allies. This was due to the amount of wanted terrorists given lawful residency within London and the U.K. protected by the Human Rights Act.

These individuals became almost untouchable. The cost to the British taxpayer became tens of millions of pounds in defending their rights or trying to deport them. Or both. Either options appearing to result in failure by H.M Government in most cases.

Blair’s wife became a leader in Human Rights cases through her profession of being a Barrister. She has also been involved, in a professional capacity in significant U.K Law firms.

It is reported that Hamsa, now in a U.S jail, is attempting to sue the U.S Government for compensation. Due to a lack of natural light in his cell, and breaching his Human Rights allegedly.


ECHR is a complex set of European Rights (laws) which apply across Europe.

The E.U also expects other non-E.U countries to adopt these rights and its wording. That’s without due consideration towards the beliefs of, or existing laws of, any other Countries. Not a democratic practice. Bullying from the E.U.

The translation and interpretation from the (then) 28 member states of the E.U of the ECHR does not lead to a consistency of definition or intent from within the E.U.

Judged through ECHR non-acceptance, some non-E.U countries receive less than favourable treatments. Large trading partners with whom the E.U rely on, i.e China appear to be exempt from such criticism.


Amendments need making to the U.K interpretation of the ECHR act.

Therefore, anyone choosing to deny another person of their Human Rights by way of committing any unlawful act against another person / person’s family / property etc, “an act” being an act which is defined as being unlawful in relevant U.K law, that at the time of commencement of that act, the offender acknowledges the surrender /forfeit of their own Human Rights until their act has been lawfully disposed of / spent.

In other words, if someone creates a victim, that someone gives up their own Human Rights. No defence. No questions. At that material time, their choice.

No more whinging, no more appeals, no more bent Barristers.

Too many offenders are using the Human Rights act to remove them from their own responsibilities. Too many times people go unpunished or receive incredibly lenient sentences by using the Act in their favour. Another failing in supporting the victims of crime.

If someone comes to the U.K to commit crime, and then does, remove them from the U.K. A sizeable ban upon their re-applying to re-enter, as a part of their sentence should also apply. We have enough terrorists and criminals of our own. We don’t need to pay for other Countries criminals.

Freedom of Speech

Trolls and speech in U.K

This subject is given up to a separate dedicated page on this website. See below …

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  1. Mobile ‘phones in prisons should not be a Human Right.
  2. Drug taking is not a Human Right. It is still a crime, technically.
  3. Smoking should not be considered a Human Right. Breathing fresh air should be.
  4. Owning a cat should not constitute having “a family life”.
  5. Religious beliefs should not be an excuse to hate / hurt / murder others. ECHR should not allow offenders to expect or allow themselves to be immune from prosecution.
  6. The Right to lawful protesting should not be an excuse for violence and criminal damage.
  7. It is not a Right of expression to abuse others, or obstruct the Police.
  8. Parking / living on another’s land without correct landowner permission is not a Human Right.
  9. No Right to rape due to religion.
  10. Deport foreign criminals direct on prison release.
  11. This is not an exhaustive list.

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