Decriminalise drug addiction.

Drug addiction

Decriminalise drug addiction across the U.K. Sometimes the State needs to take responsibility for those who have lost their way.

Decriminalise drug addiction

The UK should decriminalise drug addiction and treat addiction as a health matter. Addicts and their families do not need more fines or prison sentencing.

The cost of imprisoning an addict would be better spent on an enforced de-tox program, to someone’s life back on track. For everyone’s benefit.

Drug addicts require rehabilitation and support. Governments should be looking at realistic rehabilitation and de-tox schemes. No-one wanted to become a junky, but that’s the way it goes.

Every one of today’s addicts was a clean human being once. Every one of those addicts is someone’s loved one, or was.

Addiction is now much easier due to the criminal manipulation of natural narcotics or man made highs.

There needs to be a much more serious attitude from the U.K government towards dismantling the illicit drugs industry in the U.K. More resources and much tougher sentencing for dealers.

In Portugal, such an attitude was adopted in 2001, and a raft of evidence now suggests that this is a positive move for many reasons.

Click here for further details on the Portuguese methods.

Rehabilitation and de-tox does work. It can make a life worth living again.

Rehabilitation and support

In the same way as The Mental Health Act (sec 137) gives protection for those in a Public place with mental health issues. Therefore a drug addict, registered or not, needs offering (or enforcing perhaps) a similar facility of help.

Anyone found committing a crime due to their (defence) addiction to drugs, should then taken to “a place of safety”. To begin a controlled detoxifying program.

The same could apply to those claiming to be in possession of drugs for their own personal use, perhaps.

Rehabilitation, not prison is the way forward from this social cancer. Prisons and fines don’t help cure drug addiction.

The addict would remain in a place of safety under the supervision of medical staff. Discharge from the program would only happen when medical staff deem the addict is clean, and any related outstanding offences spent.

No bail, no hard luck stories, no absconding, no lefty lawyers. No more “I know my rights” etc

Sometimes the State needs to take responsibility for individuals who can’t look after themselves, who have lost their way.

Drug addiction should not be accepted or excused. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.

If there were no drug addicts, there’d be no drug dealers.

for “personal use”

drugs for personal use.

The term “for personal use” needs better defining by experts & / or the Government.

The “defence” of “for personal use” is often used by drug dealers to gain sympathy and a less significant sentence from the UK courts.

So what is an acceptable amount for each illicit drug when considering “for personal use”?

At present, an amount found on an individual considered as “for personal use” can actually exceed a lethal dosage. That can’t be right. A specific amount should be determined for what could truly be used only for “personal use”, without being immediately life threatening.

U.K government’s have rarely taken the illicit drug trade in the U.K seriously. That is a fundamental failing of successive Governments for over 50 years. Funding of these programs could be supplemented from any seized “drugs money” / proceeds / assets.

The issue requires a totally new way of radical thinking.

Drug addiction. How to cope as a state?

Stop Drugs Now

The subject of illicit drugs & drug use and finding positive solutions requires a New Political Party with a new medical approach.

Rehabilitation, not imprisonment is the way forward.

Ignoring, rather than addressing this threat to our quality of life, all U.K Political Parties have repeatedly failed us. Perhaps we need to ask them why?

Drug abuse in the UK, which leads to addiction, is not a conscious decision.

Deciding to try taking drugs, is a conscious decision, but after drug addiction, there are no more self conscious decisions. Even when regarding the course of their own lives.

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