Divorce inequality in England and Wales.

Divorce inequality

In the 21st Century, divorce inequality is the biggest injustice this Country accepts. The UK Law Courts & the Government should be ashamed.

When a man enters into marriage, he never thinks about what he’ll loose in his divorce. However, that is a major consideration for his wife to be, her friends and family.

One divorce settlement will guarantee an ex-wife a life beyond anything she would of achieved alone. A divorce is a must for today’s underachieving woman.

All current equality laws fail to protect the British husband. A divorcing husband will almost always come off far worse than the wife. That’s the law.

The joint ownership of the house, children, car, pensions, savings dog etc will virtually all pass to the (ex) wife. Courts in England and Wales “settlements” are grotesquely unequal.

No consideration will be given to one type of human being who is involved in a divorce settlement. This is often treated as a victory and a joke from another, but is a cruel punishment on someone who tried to do the right thing.

Why would any man in England or Wales want to marry?

There is no “equality” where one person of the two involved gets virtually everything from the other. Everything the other has given a life’s work for, past, present and future. The current situation is nothing more than promoting “legalised prostitution”.

When a rich old man marries a younger woman who then divorces him after a year of marriage she walks. Just walks away, made for life, all planned. That’s immoral.

Where’s the protection from the Courts for men? Where’s the equality in any divorce settlement?

Why did she really marry that old man? We all know why. Sad as though it is.

Currently, it’s just a totally unfair, biased England and Wales issue. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own fairer, more equal laws on settling a divorce.

Pre-Nuptial agreements

Pre-Nuptial agreements in England and Wales are recognised, but that’s all. Drawn up by solicitors, with both parties agreeing to the content and signing to say so. Completely ignored by the Courts in England and Wales.

A Pre Nuptial agreement is treated as a joke, and the Courts will continue to make their own decisions anyway.

Nowhere in the world is a Pre-Nuptial legal document ignored and abused more than in England and Wales. Another denial of our Freedoms of Speech and Expression.

In Scotland, which lies within the U.K, a Pre-Nuptial agreement generates full protection & legality from the Scottish Court of Law. So why not in England and Wales?

Solicitors argue that the Courts (England & Wales) are protecting the family, so what are the Scottish Courts doing? The only family that gets protected in a divorce settlement in England and Wales is the The Law Society family. The family of barristers, solicitors and pen pushers etc.

Marriages to gain U.K residency

divorce inequality in uk

Sham marriages to gain U.K residency do happen.

The U.K Home Office is right to act at the appropriate applications stage. The practice of sham marriage applications also has a negative effect on genuine marriage applications concerning Foreigners.

However, if the laws were changed to protect U.K citizens, this route of gaining U.K residence could be easily curtailed.

This “Honey Trap” method normally concludes with a male victim. However, more & more U.K women are now becoming victims of deceitful marriages, and often losing significant savings along the way. There is a market in the “get rich quick” method of U.K residency.

The Law provides no true protection to England & Wales citizens on this matter. Our Governments have failed us again in the divorce inequality area.

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Protection and equality for all.

Protection and equality for all during divorce settlements requires a new approach in ensuring fairness and ease for all concerned.

A father’s relationship with the children is rarely considered a part of the settlement, but should be prioritised.

Importance as to the welfare of the husband / father with regards to his physical and mental health and overall well-being should be demonstrated by the Courts. Care and concerns in these areas must be demonstrated.

Divorce inequality safety nets

Divorce inequality in settlement arrangements should be outlawed, and aligned with the rest of the world and the 21st Century.

The following needs considering:-      

  1. Legitimate Pre-Nuptial agreements accepted / respected by Courts in England and Wales, as being lawful and binding. There can be no interference from the courts with regards to those agreements.
  2. A Pre-Nuptial agreement to be treated as is any other contract between two parties.
  3. only the benefits gained throughout the marriage period to be deemed as negotiable as “divorce settlements”. i.e gains / losses of house value, pensions, savings etc. Such parameters are not to be extended by the Court’s interpretation.
  4. Whatever property was owned by a person prior to marriage to be returned to that person in whole, irrespective of gender.
  5. Any debts accrued during the marriage to be paid off equally, or by agreement of the two parties concerned.
  6. Anyone who obtained entry to the U.K by virtue of marriage, could make no claim against the state or the divorcing spouse, for a minimum of 10 years from entry into the U.K. Their right to remain within the U.K to expire upon divorce.
  7. Any child resulting from a marriage from 6. above, could not be removed from the U.K as a result. Present International & U.K Laws concerning abduction etc to be rigorously upheld.
  8. In determining which parent a child would live with, the parents moral fitness should be taken into account. i.e an unfaithful partner, a drugs user / dealer, physical / sexual abuser etc,
  9. Equality and fairness to be displayed and evidenced by the Courts towards both parties at all times.


Preventing divorce inequality during divorce settlements in England & Wales requires urgent attention.

There’s equality in all other walks of British life, except for a British husband. Why is marriage and divorce an exemption to the equality law?

There aren’t many feminists complaining about making divorce settlements equal, only campaigning for equal rights, pay and boardroom appointments etc. That in itself suggests the current settlement arrangements are seriously unfair towards men in any relationship.

Men & marriage (A solicitors view)

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