Breweries, Pubs & Beer.

Breweries & pubs in 2020

The Breweries, pubs and beer industry in the U.K needs addressing.

Breweries present stranglehold on any potential competitor is unprecedented. The power base and the monopoly of the cartels which dictate this particular U.K industry needs addressing.

The micro-breweries, tenants, independent landlords and Free House properties need protection and supporting by the U.K Government.

For too long the current monopoly of the “big 6” beer / lager breweries have been allowed to dominate and dictate all things concerning this industry.

It is said that it was the Bliar Government which legalised protecting the big 6 breweries, resulting in the disappearance of some of England’s finest & oldest beer makers forever, the loss of many Free houses & the jacking up of prices at the bar and the Publican’s rent.


An overhaul of the regulations concerning breweries in order to facilitate the credible, but smaller breweries competing within this industry seems necessary, and is overdue. Not only snuffing out the traditional competition, but also any new entrepreneurial ventures which were posing as a threat.

With better legislation, new “pubs” could operate and open in a variety of new locations. That would negate the boo-hoo objections from the “big 6” monopoly players.

Such democratic approaches would only be subject to local planning authorities practical concerns, not lobbying government.

There also should be a level playing field within the industry for all brewers, big or small. That would be in the customers interests too.

When a failed pub of a big 6 brewery decides to close to the public, the property should not be denied to a micro-brewery, or to a “local” business person with intentions to re-open as a local pub.

If the appropriate market value (i.e of a failed pub business) is met, the property should be allowed to re-open as a pub in order to protect rural village life.

Pubs & Landlords

As pub landlords, the breweries charge high rents on their houses to their tenants. Most Publicans / Tenants have to work long, unsociable hours, and sometimes in violent situations. With many workers missing out on a normal family life, just to satisfy their masters. That’s wrong.

Given the hours a publican, and often their partner will have to work throughout each calendar week, & considering their final wage, what they are being paid per hour would probably fall below the minimum wage.

The maximum hours anyone can work (E.U directives) is 48 hours in a week. That’s a little over 3 days at work for some landlords.

Bottled beers from supermarkets

Breweries scam

Bottled beers sold in U.K supermarkets should be what is named on the label, and not as implied or suggested. No more “brewed under licence” scams.

A beer bottle label is often misleading. By implying that the beer contained in a beer bottle or can is brewed in an exotic, holiday location, then it should be.

However in very small print on the back of the label it invariably states “brewed under licence in the E.U”.

The E.U “Brewed under licence” is a legalised scam. The beer contained is not always what is implied on the FRONT label. Legislation is needed to stop this legal fake goods business.

Laws exist to prohibit the circulation of fake goods within the U.K. This is in order to protect the interests of the genuine manufacturer and the public.

E.U “brewed under licence” beer is not the genuine article. Therefore the practice needs terminating in the interests of the public. All bottled beer should be the original beer from the breweries it implies and originates. The Public needs protecting from beer fraud.

Read more … for the U.K Governments explanation….

Fair & proper breweries legislation is needed

The breweries, pubs and beer industry needs to be freed up from the biased regulatory shackles. New legislation to protect the smaller breweries, micro breweries, tenants and workers is needed and necessary.

Legislation is needed to repeal present laws protecting the “big 6” breweries at present. The U.K will become subject further to severe restrictions on choice and availability.

New legislation would benefit not only the breweries industry workers, but also the public.

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