Animal welfare / cruelty

Animal welfare / cruelty in Britain

Animal cruelty ranks highly in the conscience of the British people.

Anyone with the slightest amount of compassion or common sense will know that all animals feel pain, and most of us see animal cruelty as vile and disgusting.

Fox Hunting

fox hunting in Britain

Fox hunting was outlawed in 2004. Unfortunately, this barbaric sport still goes on unchecked across the UK.

The British voters view fox hunting as sickening, embarrassing and disgusting. This barbaric so called “sport” needs eradicating from our society and culture.

Fox hunting in the UK can not be allowed, and should never be a part of British life.

R.S.P.C.A response

Horse slashing / mutilation

This is a particularly cruel and devastating act which demands a specific criminal offence title & definition. Offenders are clearly sick, but this act is more common than the public realise. Sentencing should start at 10 years.

Badger baiting

Protect Badgers in Britain U.K

Badger baiting is when a pack of dogs chase and kill a wild badger. The intention of this “sport” is to kill the badger by ripping it apart with dogs.

Badger baiting is when a pack of dogs chase and kill a wild badger. The intention of this “sport” is kill the badger by ripping the badger apart.

However, the badger can be a ferocious fighter when trapped and will often kill or seriously maim any dogs involved in the baiting. This cruel act still takes place in some areas of the U.K and is in no way a “sport”.

There needs to be a serious commitment by the U.K authorities to eradicate this barbaric act.

Government sponsored Badger culling

The legality to cull Badgers in regards to protecting cattle from T.B has existed since in 2012/13. The cull being under license from the U.K Government.

There is doubt concerning any scientific evidence as to any direct links in the transmission of T.B from Badgers to Cattle. Why does this practice exist?

To satisfy some sad farmers? To raise revenue for the Government? The practice seems a pointless act of cruelty, to the majority of the British electorate.

Theft of pets

Pet theft in the U.K

The theft of a pet should become a specific offence under The Theft Act. Someone’s pet is a more emotional piece of property than a car or a watch. It’s family.

That’s not to undervalue any piece of property subjected to an act of theft. There is an absolute need for a specific offence of Pet Theft.

Sentencing should start at 7 years per pet taken, to run concurrent, to reflect the severity of this cruel act.


In the 21st Century Animal welfare in the U.K should not be an issue, but it still is.

The eradication of animal cruelty and adequate sentencing of offenders in the U.K is a 20th Century problem. Why it still exists is due to a lack of direction and commitment from Governments. Within the UK, sentencing is still grossly lacking in consistency.

An act of animal cruelty in England and Wales could attract a sentence of a few weeks in prison. In Northern Ireland the same act could result in a 5 year jail term.

Change UK politics and Unite the United Kingdom on animal care.

Animal cruelty and welfare

The majority of the British people detest blood sports and those who are involved in the sickening practice. There is no place in British life for such animal cruelty.

Therefore animals must be allowed rights. propose that:-

  • the U.K Government acknowledges that animals feel pain. Pain as defined and accepted in the way humans feel pain
  • all “blood sports” are declared unlawful with immediate effect
  • strict punishments to be enforced to any animal cruelty
  • involvement in any “blood sport” offences to carry a minimum of 36 months imprisonment
  • “Pet theft” to be made a specific criminal offence.
  • Horse slashing / mutilation made a specific criminal offence
  • a ban on fur farming and fur made product imports into the U.K

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