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A social manifesto on U.K issues is an urgent Governmental requirement.

Sound policy is at the heart of the British fabric. Any social manifesto involves us all.

Social manifestos are influences felt by the British people, but are historically ignored by our Governments. The U.K government’s attitude has to change. There has been no genuine intent shown.

The social health of our nation is the very backbone of being British, it’s what makes us who we are.

Legislation which is in place is not enforced, and what needs to be enforced there is scant legislation.

Our Police seem to be unwilling to enforce existing legislation. They appear to be more & more controlled by Government policies, based on Political Correctness whims and intimidated by threats from leftist lawyers.

Urgent social manifesto issues

From animal cruelty and welfare to Homelessness, there has been a definite attitude from successive governments to ignore these issues. But most of these issues could be easily addressed.

It’s only a matter of commitment from our government to eradicate these basic, but often life changing situations that effect so many British people in the 21st Century.

Just what does it take to help the most vulnerable?

A New Political Party is the only way forward in order to address these historic but current social issues, or they will never go away.

Manifesto of intent

There are society issues that need fixing now. The traditional caring side of being British is not reflected in government policies. A dedicated manifesto of intent for U.K social issues is urgently required.

Below are a series of dedicated pages on the website. These pages describe areas where U.K Government have taken their eye off the ball for too long.

These are the basic neglects of protecting the caring British way of life. Neglects that need urgent attention from our leaders.

A manifesto of intent is needed to correct the chronic Governmental neglect towards British social issues.

Social issue web pages on this site

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This country needs a caring New Political Party.