Scottish Independence in 2025?

Scottish Indepenence referendum

A Scottish Independence referendum that was held across Scotland, in September 2014. The majority of Scots voted to remain in The Union (The United Kingdom).

Democracy will not be allowed to get in the way of a minority. So the minority won’t accept or respect the Independence result until they get what THEY want. An independent Scotland.

That referendum gave the Scottish people the opportunity & the right to make their wishes known in gaining Scottish Independence, Scotland’s future. This was in regards to them becoming an Independent country or not. Severing all of Scotland’s ties with the United Kingdom.

The Scottish people voted through that referendum to remain a part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom respected those wishes, allowing Scotland to remain a part of the Kingdom..

However, certain Scottish politicians who represent some Scottish voters, feel that they know better than those who had voted to remain. A familiar pattern of our politicians. They continue to this day to instigate a second referendum, and no doubt a third, forth and fifth if necessary until those politicians get their independent Scotland.

Although most citizens (16 + years old) living in Scotland at the time of the referendum voted, hardly anyone else in the UK could vote.

Had ALL U.K citizens voted on this issue, the result would probably have swung the other way.

Scotland agreed officially to enter into a Union with England in 1707. However, many Scots people have shown a resentment to that agreement and some still show hostility to English people, and towards the Union. A hostility that has lasted, handed down from generation to generation, for over 310 years. That’s not much of a successful marriage.

Scotland should of asked her English friends to help obtain her goal.

Taxes (and other financial concessions) from Westminster, London going North of the Border have taken place over those 350+ years. Revenue created through the U.K North Sea oil project, cleared the U.K’s WW2 debts to the USA. But that’s all.

Scottish benefits

Scottish benefits are impressive. Scotland provides FREE Scottish university places for Scottish students, old peoples home accommodation, medical prescriptions, school dinners for children & free bus passes for everyone over 60. Cheaper council tax charges & water charges, Where’s that money coming from?

If Scotland was to gain independence from the U.K they would loose the employment of the NHS and the MoD. the 2 main employers in Scotland. UK ship building contracts no longer going to Rosyth ship yards. Scotland would loose all the financial support from Westminster. That’s a lot more whiskey and heather that Scotland would need to export to replace those incomes and the huge amount of UK cash.

With respect to those Scottish who have served in the U.K military, concessions must prevail. The U.K would never forget or give up on those who have been our brothers in arms.

Scottish Independence and the future

Scottish Independence referendum again?

Scotland’s future after gaining independence is bleak. Economically, geographically & politically.

Scotland would almost certainly end up where most African countries have been committing to over the last 20 years. Taking the Chinese money, and becoming Chinese property.

Scottish currency would change from the £ GBP Pound Sterling, to the Yuan. Not Ewan McGregor, just the Chinese Yuan.

Edinburgh would be the next Hong Kong. Scots seeking employment within the remaining U.K would require a visa, in line with all other foreign applicants. However, there’s always work available in Beijing. No welfare state though.

Scottish independence and the the romantic view of Scotland going it alone, still remains the ambition of some Scottish politicians. If they really want Independence, they should ask the English to vote on the matter and help them achieve their dream. Read more ..

The English are very loyal to their true friends. However the English don’t appreciate ungratefulness. They have to try to tolerate it.

Why does the Scottish Parliament not consider the U.K electorate qualified to vote on this issue? Or have they never considered Scottish people to be British?

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