Should England go it alone after 2025?

English Independence referendum

A Referendum for English Independence? A vote just for the English?

Should England go it alone in 2025 and dismantle The Union?

Over the last few years, the U.K population have been subjected to an ongoing saga of the Scottish Independence campaign/s.

Having lost the original vote in 2014, the governing SNP party have shown they are poor losers. They continue to display no respect for the outcome of the official (2014) vote of the Scottish people, or even basic democracy.

A new pro-independence party has recently been launched by a disgruntled Scottish politician. Any tactic to try to succeed where he had previously failed.

The Scottish population consist of the silent majority (55%) who are grateful for the Union. Grateful for the National security that comes with being a part of a Great Union. Sharing in the employment opportunities, security & the quality of life the Union provides.

The minority (45%), but clearly the most loudest by far, are those who want Independence at any cost. The minority who openly display hatred towards the English and the Union. Those who continue to bleat, whinge and whine over the last 360+ years but continue to cream the benefits from being a part of the Union.

The saga of the undemocratic minority will drag on until they get their way. Scottish Democracy at it’s best.

The Union debt of thanks to Scotland

Scottish independence

The Union has always been able to rely on our Scottish brothers to stand with us. Side by side. With pride. In any battle. True Brothers.

Scotland has provided the Union with many true heroes over the years through the various armed conflicts the Union has been involved in together.

Over the last 20 years or so, the Union / English haters North of the Border have shamed the memories and sacrifices made by those Scottish Brothers, by forcing their own romantic idea that an Independent Scotland is the right way to go, using various Anti-Union / English rhetoric that would only prove to be economic suicide for those living in Scotland.

When you look back over the main events which form Scottish history, the evidence shows that most atrocities were carried out by Scots, on Scots. But ironically, it’s the English that gets the blame. Even when the evidence is stacked against all the romantic / Hollywood versions of the truth, it will always be the fault of the English.

After 360+ years, it’s all worn a bit thin.

Enough is enough. Is it time that the English voted for Independence from the U.K? Should the English be allowed to vote Scotland out of the U.K?

English Independence referendum

English Independence referendum

The English have tried to welcome, help and financially support all members of the Union for over 300 years.

The Union has given employment to, & bettered the quality of life but there’s always those who continue to resent those benefits and stab the Union in the back.

The Welsh too have their minority who wish to force their septic views upon the rest of the Welsh people, muting total annexation from the Union / English.

Would an English Independence referendum vote these leeches out of the Union?

Should there be an English Independence referendum now?

The back stabbers have had their chances over and over. They refuse to see the benefits of being good neighbours and partners in a strong Union. They prefer their clouded, romantic delusions of a misinformed history, over common sense.

Why does so much Westminster money haemorrhage from the U.K bank account to pacify odd “regional” whims of sporadic nationalism. Paying to buy friends, much to the detriment of a United Kingdom?

Post-Brexit, we now hear that Scotland and Wales wanted to stay in the E.U. Northern Ireland is now outside the E.U with a land border with an E.U country but it’s agreed that there can be no border checks on that border. How will that work?

Give the English a vote on the future of the Union? Do the English want to stay in an unhappy marriage?

Would England be better off going it alone?

The English deserve a referendum on who they want to be with in the Union.

The Union was an English concept, so surely the English should ultimately decide.