The Death Penalty. Time for a U.K review?

Referendum on the Death Penalty

Has the time come for a referendum to allow the British people to voice their views on the return of The Death Penalty to the U.K?

The death penalty / capital punishment was abolished in the UK in 1969, with the introduction of the Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965. The Act replaced the death penalty with a mandatory sentence of imprisonment of “life”.

Today however, life means possibly 15 years, out after 8.

Should the UK repeal the Murder (Abolition of the Death Penalty) Act 1965 and uphold the Death Penalty for certain crimes?


Forensics and the scientific advances over the last 20 to 30 years, and no doubt into the future are crucial evidences in most crimes. Forensic results can prove without doubt as to someone’s whereabouts, involvement with articles, DNA issues, causes of death or injury. Forensic evidence can also determine lies and falsehoods in other forms of submitted “evidence”. Rarely is there any doubt today as to the involvement of an individual thanks to Forensic science.


The death penalty rarely acts as a deterrent. Drug Smugglers rarely think they will get caught. In strict Muslim countries like Indonesia, they are caught sometimes, and they are regularly executed for their crimes.

Does it stop drug smuggling in Indonesia? No. It may help reduce it, but it doesn’t stop it.

Valid reasons

Valid reasons to implement the Death Penalty is subjective.

We all feel that what one person sees as a serious crime is not as serious as what another person feels to warrant the death penalty. Some people will feel that no crime warrants the death penalty. This issue needs deciding by way of a referendum.

Most people would agree that child murders are a valid reason for sentencing the offender with the death penalty. In the appalling case of the Soham murders, the offender received a sentence of 2 life terms, a minimum of 40 years.

Is that really a punishment that fits the crime?

At a cost of £40,000 per annum to incarcerate the offender, his punishment will of cost the Tax Payer £ 1.6 million before his release. What does an 8 foot long rope cost at B&Q?

Surely true justice to the victims would of been the death penalty.

Killers of Police officers

Killers of Police Officers should receive the death penalty. Only in manslaughter cases should other sentences receive consideration.

We expect the Police to keep us safe. The Police need to know that the country will do it’s best to keep them safe while carrying out their selfless duties. There is NO excuse for attacking a Police Officer. None.

Drug dealers

Drug dealers are the scourge of our society. Would a death sentance be a sufficient deterrent?

Many small time dealers are providing a necessary local service, as a friend, as a good person by their customers.

The death penalty sentence should be available to the Courts for those drug dealers who are at the top of the dealing pyramid. Those who make £millions out of other peoples misery and deaths.

An academic study is needed to establish :-

a) how many house burglaries are committed to feed a habit?

b) how many drug addicts die as a result?

c) how many families are ruined,

d) how many “rival” gang murders?

e) how many vehicle crimes?

f) how many Police hours involved?

g) how many hospital hours required?

per £1 million worth of what each drug creates.

Perhaps that way the Courts might start taking this crime serious.


Terrorists which commit horrific crimes to us on UK soil will argue that our successive Governments have committed much worse acts in their home countries. A valid point in many ways. But 2 wrongs do not make 1 right. However, as is the way in many of the home countries of the UK current enemies / terrorists, the death penalty is the normal for such offences. Until we can stop our Governments from creating their “good for business” wars, we can never expect peace on our shores from these criminals.

Do our Governments never learn?

The British People should be allowed a referendum to support or denounce a death sentence being made available to the U.K Courts as an appropriate punishment.