Referendums to let the British people be heard.

3 referendums that would allow British voters to decide Independence for England & Scotland, & the Death Penalty.

Let the British people decide.

A referendum in the UK rarely comes around. Our politicians obviously feel that they are capable of judging the mood of the British voter and what is best for them.

But how very wrong the Poll results always seem to be now. Brexit, Scotland, Trump (2016) to name but a few.

U.K referendums

The Gallop polls seem to be just a punt in the dark.

Who is stopped in the streets and asked these days? Who is dumb enough to stop for a clipboard in the streets these days?

A referendum so U.K voters could be allowed to vote as a United Kingdom, on Scottish Independence and The Death Penalty.

Having had the Brexit referendum vote go against most politicians wishes, and the first Scottish Independence vote resulting in “Remain”, clearly the UK voter is deluded and untrustworthy in the eyes of our politicians.

More referendums are less likely to happen. Except in Scotland.

Scottish referendum

Scottish referendum

Despite being the minority, the current Minister continues to demand another referendum. Democracy at it’s finest.

Referendums until some Scots get independence. Irrespective of how many referendums that might take, or who wants it.

If the whole of the U.K was involved in voting on this issue, would Scotland be voted out of the U.K? A divorce from a partner who never loved you?

We should ALL have a say in matters (referendum) concerning the United Kingdom, as it stands. click here …

The current Scottish Political leadership is determined to try again for a referendum on Scotland’s future within the United Kingdom.

This Leadership will never accept a democratic decision to remain within the U.K. The Scottish people know that the SNP have only one agenda, and that’s to leave and regain Scottish Independence.

The Scottish people have already voted to remain within the U.K. The Brexit vote may of changed some voters opinions, but Scotland could never retain their standards of living without the added cash flowing into Scotland from Westminster.

The E.U will see this too, and Scotland’s election into the E.U could take some years. The Scottish economy couldn’t cope without bail outs.

But what other credible political Party is there in Scotland?

That’s why there needs to be a New Political Party in the U.K to represent ALL of us.

More Information 2nd /3rd / 4th Scottish Independence

Death Penalty referendum

Referendum on the Death Penalty

A referendum to bring back the Death Penalty in the U.K needs to be reconsidered for certain crimes and their punishments.

At the time of writing (November 2020), the serial killer of at least 13 innocent women, Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed The Yorkshire Ripper has died from the Covid virus.

Sutcliffe was jailed in 1981 and served a total of 39 years being held either in various prisons or Broadmore Hospital. The cost to the tax payer to keep the British public safe from Sutcliffe, is approximately in excess of £1.5million.

In 2003, the double child murderer Ian Huntley was jailed for a minimum of 40 years. His detention will cost the British tax payer approximately £2million.

Our prisons are steeped in criminals who are just too evil to be ever released back amongst us and our children. Is such a life worth preserving? Do war criminals deserve to live after committing atrocities? genocides?

Do the British tax payers feel that the re-introduction of the death penalty should be made available as an option to the Judges and prosecutors in UK Courts when sentencing?

Forensic science and the evidence that is gleaned from that science is now beyond doubt, unlike when there was a death penalty available to the U.K Courts.

Child killers, cop killers, serial killers should all be considered by the Courts to be awarded the Death penalty. Other offences could be added to that list if deemed serious enough. Some may argue that commercial sized illicit drug dealers should also be subject to this punishment.

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English Independence Referendum

English Independence referendum

Should England vote to leave the United Kingdom?

Should English voters vote out the ungrateful sections of the Union?

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More Information Death Penalty U.S Considerations

ALL British people deserve to be consulted on these matters.

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