The National Health Service

National Health Service

Saving the National Health Service is a Government priority, or so you would think.

Saving the National Health Service

The National Health Service is a unique privilege for the British people which has been built up and paid for by British Taxpayers for nearly 70 years.

We are the only country in the world which operates such a wonderful “free at point of need” service for her people. Unfortunately the beds and treatment rooms are equally used by people who have never paid British taxes, and some who have never even lived in the U.K.

The huge wages paid at the top of the pyramid is another huge & unjustifiable drain on our NHS resources. As a result, there’s no money for the basics in Health care for many U.K hospitals. The biggest disease in the NHS is in the organisation itself, a cancer that is leaching the life out of her.

National Health Service / Trust administration

National Health Service / Trust administration is filled with non-medical, bonus induced Trust managers. Doctors, Registrars and Consultants should be running our hospitals, supported by representatives of Mid-wives, Nurses, Porters and the O.D.A staff in the form of a committee.

All the grotesquely overpaid administrators etc need removing from the National Health Service / Trusts.

Advertised Vacancies etc

The saved resources needs re-distributing & used as the committee deems fit for that hospital. In local areas such as hospital equipment, maintenance, working conditions, additional payments for Nurses etc..

A hospital needs leadership from the medical staff who work at that hospital. People who excel in their workplace, and who are proud to work there should be leading by example. 

Hospital car park charges

Hospital car park charges are obscene

National Health Service hospital car park charges are immoral & should be outlawed.

Government should create a specific law to STOP hospitals charging staff and patients relatives etc when using Hospital car parking areas. Already discussed, but needs repeating in this section. Each hospital needs instructing by Government to provide sufficient parking for visiting relatives (of patients), and a separate allocation for staff, based on the size of the individual hospital.

New legislation required

National Health Service hospital waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists are too long. Some patients are having to wait over a year for an operation, an extra year of pain and debilitation.

At present, operating theatres in a National Health Service General hospital in Britain function from Monday to Friday. Operations are organised using a two “lists” per day arrangement. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning list usually consists of 4 or 5 operations and the afternoon list consisting of 3 or 4 operations. Most other times of the day / week theatres lay unused.

To reduce Patients waiting lists, and the time the patient has to wait for their operation, would it not be more efficient if there were also early and late evening lists? Perhaps even through-out the night operating lists.

Surgeons etc would probably contest such arrangements. The private work etc may feel impacted, but who paid for the surgeons training?

Patients needs and care used to come first with the NHS. Now I’m not so sure.

National Health Service fraud

NHS fraud is massive.

One example is whereby people gain access to NHS services that they are not entitled to, is to try and chance their luck at any given hospital of choice. The U.K does not refuse free medical treatment to many. The only country in the world who behaves like this. And the world knows it.

During the 1980’s a Pakistani man was flown to the U.K to receive a kidney transplant at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The patient worked for a National Airline. That airline had bought up several domestic properties in the Heathrow (Airport) area. On a regular basis that airline would fly sick staff members from Pakistan to Heathrow for treatment.

Staying in an airline owned property near Heathrow, the employee registered with a recommended G.P at a local surgery. The staff member would then complain about whatever symptoms they were suffering.

This tactic ensured they received instant, infinite treatments on the NHS.

This particular patient had never lived or worked in the U.K. He had never paid taxes into the U.K. After a successful transplant and having been discharged, he returned to Pakistan and continued his employment.

Any attempt to report this fraud to a relevant hospital staff member, would be met with allegations of being a racist.

When all hospitals prior to providing a “commencement of treatment” facility, should ascertain each individuals right to receive NHS treatment. Assessments need carrying out on an individuals U.K status, immigration status and Health Insurance status.

Private hospitals should provide Health insurance treatment for non-nhs patients. That way “extra” patients would not congest the NHS waiting lists & beds. NHS Patient numbers more realistically accurate and planned for.

National Health Service Tourism

At present, most persons obtaining a visa to enter the U.K must pay an NHS fee. That is regardless if a visitor uses the NHS or not. It’s a charge that also potentially affects our tourism trade.

However, the fee would hardly cover the full costs of any serious medical issue should a person need NHS assistance. This fee should be replaced by a robust, proven insurance policy / facility.

Other countries immigration requirements often demand :-

  • proof of an out-bound passage (return flight etc) within the time of the relevant entry visa restrictions, and
  • adequate medical / Health insurance. 

Failure to produce the above requirements will normally result in refusal to enter the foreign country of choice. This is an accepted practice for when British travellers wish to enter a foreign country.

Why is considered so offensive to ask the same of foreigners wishing to enter the U.K? 

National Health Service Fraudsters

“Cashier / Security” offices placed inside the entrance of every A&E department reception area. That could ascertain a persons right to free NHS treatment or not, and prevent unsociable behaviour within the hospital. No treatment permitted unless authorised from a cashier to proceed onto the Doctors etc.

The staff of the “Cashier Office” could make checks and confirm any Insurance documents produced are genuine and valid while the individual waits at the Department. To guarantee payment for any treatment, if the insurance offered is invalid / void, then alternative methods of payment needs securing.

Those entitled to NHS treatment could identify themselves as such, using the existing methods.  

Persons not entitled access to the NHS should seek treatment from a Private hospital. In more urgent cases, and before any treatment commences, a deposit and contract would need ratifying.

No means of payment / entitlement = No treatment. 

Protecting the National Health Service

The National Health Service needs protecting with new, stronger legislation. Substantial fines and / or prison sentences would act as a deterrent. The NHS, it’s staff and patients need added legislative protection in the following areas:-

a) defrauding / attempting to defraud the NHS of it’s services,

b) where an individual/s is :-

  • violent or
  • verbally abusive to anyone or
  • threatening to anyone or
  • intimidating to anyone.

in any Hospital environment.

Where an on-duty hospital Doctor has requested the Police to attend, due to an individual/s behaviour as described above, & not due to any obvious medical condition, the individual/s is guilty of the offence.

The Police would then have the powers to remove the individual/s and the Courts to fine / in-prison. No one should accept witnessing or receiving any form of aggressive behaviour in a hospital.


NHS Dentists

Every National Health Service hospital must have an A&E 24/7 Emergency Dentist facility.

Re-write the treatment “restrictions” on dentist surgeries from dealing with acute dental needs on a patients first appointment. If a patient has a tooth ache it needs dealing with there and then.

The practice of charging a patient £150 to inspect a patients mouth, stating it;s a National Health Service charge, agreeing that the patient has a tooth ache and then advising the patient to make a further appointment to get the tooth ache treated, should be outlawed as being a torture.