U.K Laws are protecting who exactly?

U.K laws

UK Laws protect who? UK Governments have failed to invest in our safety, allowing crime to become so common place. Are we loosing our society?

UK Laws seem to favour our Criminals, the Gentry, & Politicians. That’s not fair on the rest of us! All people within the U.K should be subject to Law and Order equally, and to a fair, unbiased Justice system.

In Spain, it is mandatory that the Spanish people can access and review all relevant Spanish Law. This must be provided in Government buildings including public libraries. In Britain we have to employ a lawyer to explain where we stand in most legal cases.

Laws in the UK have, over the last 15 to 20 years, been added to, repealed, diluted and targetted at / by certain social groups / individuals or for basic political gains.

These laws are mostly generated as knee- jerk reactions from a Government to satisfy the baying Political Correctness brigade, the media, or where ministers can line their own pockets or to benefit their Party subscribers.

As a result, the U.K has now an abundance of laws of which most of us are unaware, that has caused divisions within British society, segregating certain sections from British society and encourages discrimination and excessive criminality.

Therefore, this website supports a New Political Party which will simplify our laws, close the open “loopholes”, and which prevent “positive” discrimination from within the Justice system.

Scotland has a fairer, simpler Justice system.

Below are the main areas of law within the English and Welsh system which need amending or creating.

New laws are needed to curb the cancer of British unsociable behaviour, the drugs culture, the disrespect and intimidation toward others, and the lack of personal responsibilities or discipline.

UK Governments have consecutively failed to invest in our safety and allowed crime to become so common place that no-one is untouched or immune from this social disease.

There needs to be a level playing field for ALL :-

A New Political Party is required to make radical changes to rid the UK of career criminals, and those who visit the UK specifically to commit crime because there are no deterrents or punishments to worry about.

New Laws needed, Existing Laws tweaked.

Below, are the areas where a New U.K Political Party should start looking:-

Human Rights

Human Rights in U.K

Human Rights are at the center of all Democracies

Anyone, who chooses to deny another person of their Human Rights by way of committing any unlawful act against another person / person’s family / property etc, “an act” being an act which is defined as being unlawful in relevant U.K law, then at the time of commencement of that act, the offender would acknowledge the surrender of their own Human Rights until their act has been lawfully disposed of / spent.  Read more …….

No one should be allowed to deny another of their Human Rights, unless decreed by standing legislation.

Crime tourism

Crime tourism needs to become a new and specific crime in itself. New and specific legislation is needed to target & tackle this particular crime.

Due to crime in the U.K being globally renown as being easy, rewarding and relatively easy to escape punishment, the U.K is an easy target.

Those who are dumb enough to get caught, either disappear when given bail or receive incredibly lenient sentencing from U.K Courts. Unlike the punishment they’d receive in the countries from where they originate from, including the E.U

The U.K’s inability and unwillingness to prevent these crimes, or to issue harsh punishments, is why Crime Tourism to the U.K is so attractive to International Criminals. Organised Chilean burglaries in U.K

Anyone who visits the U.K / Britain with the intention to commit crime/s should be specifically punished, and in addition to any crime committed while in the U.K.

Those found guilty of the above, should be removed from the U.K after sentencing is spent, and with a sizeable ban upon their re-applying to re-enter the U.K

We have enough criminals of our own. We don’t need to pay for other Countries criminals.


Romanian burglars (CPS) Chile burglars sentencing (CPS)

Lord Justice Leveson, chairman of the Sentencing Council for England and Wales, said last year (2011): “We do not recommend every single burglar in every circumstance should go to jail“.

The crime of burglary is not simply a crime against property, it is a crime against the person.”

Sentencing for a Domestic (House / home) dwelling has been reduced from 10 years (12 years aggravated), to 6 years (13 years with a gun)

That probably explains / encourages the burglaries across the U.K. Fraud is the most common crime committed in the UK. Probably because your local Police won’t investigate fraud, you get moved onto Action Fraud. Who will do nothing.

A New Political Party is needed to protect the British Citizen.

Parental responsibilities

We now have a society where 3 or 4 generations have bred and produced communities of “Feral kids” who have had no chance in succeeding at most opportunities in life.

These individuals then become involved in drugs, crime, unwanted pregnancies, trouble with the Police, and who never stood a chance at having a decent life. the spiral goes on.

A person can not be held legally responsible for their own actions until they are 10 years old. Therefore the parents should be responsible. No arguing. No defence. If a kid under 10 smashes windows, the parents must pay for the repairs. Their responsibility only.

These children are usually born into a world of drug takers, alcohol and domestic abuse and raised at the tax payers expense. A world of being unloved. They need protecting from their own lives.

Parents who are not worried about where the next meal is coming from, but where the next drugs are coming from.

This cycle needs to be broken, and not supported by leftist sociology theories which has proven to have failed over the last 40 years or more. But no UK Government ever shows any true & genuine concerns for this section of society. Throwing tax payers money at the problem just encourages to feed the issues.

Parents of children above 10 years of age but not 18, should still be held responsible for their children’s unlawful actions.

Not being mature enough to drive

A motor driver’s driving standards and discipline are essential to road safety in the U.K for all of us, whether we are a driver, pedestrian, a cyclist or a passenger.

Nowadays there are a growing trend of “idiots” using the road, probably because they can’t differentiate between PlayStation games and reality.

There used to be an offence of using a motor vehicle as anti-social behaviour. Now there’s no Police dedicated to enforcing the that one piece of legislation.

When Courts are shown video evidence of an individuals driving, the punishments are restricted. Undue care, dangerous, or causing death etc.

With an experienced solicitor, a habitually dangerous driver can usually retain his driving license, and continue to drive. Rarely are they likely to receive a punishment sufficient to change their driving ways.

Young drivers who find themselves in Court are usually afforded sympathy on sentencing matters and often go on to re-offend or worse.

Therefore, the Courts need new Powers to consider the mental maturity of an individual brought before them. Irrespective of age, a Court should be allowed to give an unlimited driving ban to drivers if they feel that the Public would genuinely be safer by doing so.

An individual could be re-assessed at a later date, and if found mature enough to re-take a driving test, then the offender should be allowed to do so.

The Public’s safety is rarely considered as part of sentencing in road Traffic offences. The Public’s safety should be paramount in ALL cases.

Failing to stop (driving)

Failing to stop, is when a Police Officer instructs a car driver to stop for whatever reason, and the driver of that car decides to drive off, usually in a dangerous manner. As the law stands at the time of writing, the above scenario leaves the Police Officer to bear some responsibility for that drivers chosen actions.

The Police Officer in question is doing his duty. The Officer is trying to keep our roads safe.

The law needs to be changed to allow our Police the ability to Police without question or fear of prosecution or internal punishments. Tax payers expect the Police to keep us safe, and that includes when using the roads.

If a driver fails to comply with the Police Officers instruction to stop and continues to drive, then that driver must be held solely responsible for their actions from there on by the Courts.

The only issue should be:- Did the driver fail to stop? Yes or no?

No sympathy from the Courts. No attempting to disguise the offence by a defence lawyer.

De-criminalise drug addiction

This subject is given it’s own page for consideration. Click here for more..


Shoplifting in Britain.

Shoplifting, or stealing from shops is a criminal offence. But the Police and CPS don’t see it that way.

However, shoplifting is not considered a priority by the Police and doesn’t warrant serious consideration by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

Shoplifting costs the retail trade millions of pounds (£££’s) each year, and those costs get passed onto law abiding shoppers. When the most serious of such cases are put before the Courts, the offender/s are treated with great sympathy with the Courts failing to appropriately deal with matter.

Should a defendant to a Shoplifting charge actually appear before a Court after being charged & bailed, the defendant is often accused of re-offending multiple times of the same / similar offence.

Shoplifters should always be denied bail.

Shoplifters should be imprisoned every time.

This would stop re-offending for a period of time.

Victims of shoplifters should be able to give life bans to offenders from their stores without fear of reprisals via the Human Rights Act.

The Police should be ordered by Government to respond to EVERY incident of reported shoplifting. It’s not the Police’s role to consider shoplifting to be not “a real crime”. IT IS.

The CPS should equally be ordered to prosecute EVERY TIME in a case of shoplifting. Today, individual shops chose to pay to prosecute offenders at their own costs, if the Police can be bothered to carry out their duties in this respect.


Rather than only be committed against the Sovereign, the Heir and the immediate family etc, the offence of Treason should be extended to include “The Country”.

Anyone who betrays or turns against this Country, would be guilty of Treason. That should include politicians, serving or otherwise.

No English Hospital Car Park charges

Outlaw Hospital car park charges

Mostly all hospital car parking charges were abolished in Wales in 2008, and in Scotland in 2009.

Charging Hospital Car Park charges is immoral. But why only in England?

The NHS England Estates report for 2018/19, shows that £271.8 million was made from car park charges. £185.6 million from patients/visitors and £86.2 million from staff.

However, 9 NHS Trusts of the total of 227 chose not to provide data.

Staff & patients / relatives should not be charged to use English hospital Car Parks. It’s Public money that pays for ALL the hospital and all the facilities.

Another Governmental way to divide Britain.

“kicking off” in a hospital / A&E

Similar to the offence of assaulting an Emergency worker, there should be laws concerning those who are abusive / threatening / intimidating within a hospital environment and should be arrested and removed, as long as the behaviour is not a part of the medical complaint.

Doctors should have the right / power to reject problem patients at anytime during or before treatment.

Defrauding the NHS

This should be a simplified version of the Fraud Act in it’s definition, so to be clearly understood by the masses.

Signage should be made clearly available in many foreign languages in the A&E waiting area so plenty of fair warning is given.

Health Care Tourism must be stopped, it cost’s us billions a year and stops those entitled from getting their treatment when they need it.

Bringing the U.K into disrepute

The title might need working on, but this should be created for those who choose to travel abroad and, because (unfortunately mainly the English) they behave in an appalling, football hooligan style, loutish manner while drunk & / or drugged up, bring shame upon the name of the U.K abroad. Those individuals would then need to explain themselves to a U.K court on their return, and possibly receive a further U.K sentence / punishment.

Any UK based punishment should consider the possible surrender of the offenders passport for a period of years.

Any evidence required would be submitted from the relevant British consul who has had to deal with the offence within the relevant country.

It has to be accepted that the justice system or unjust laws in some countries would have to be taken into account, but for most, those who disrespect their host countries laws or citizens, should be heavily punished on their return to the U.K

The lager lout image of “Brits on tour” when abroad, deeply offends the people of many countries, on many levels, whether that is disrespecting them on a moral, religious or racial level, it leaves those people with a lasting memory of what “ALL British people are like”.

These selfish irresponsible idiots fail us all.

The British Press

The British Press appear to have no regard for the law or an individuals privacy. It could be construed that this is in part brought about by the close relationship of the UK press and U.K politicians.

Various enquiries into various areas of the press “behaviour” have taken place over the years and nothing seems to have changed for the better. Certainly the reputation of the British Press has not been improved as a result. Or the reputation of British Public enquiries either.

We must accept that there is now a large self imposed “celebrity” culture in the U.K whereby people who are basically unheard of decide that the U.k public need to hear about their tragic lives while exposing their bodies, the photographs of which will make huge sums of money for “the celebrity / victim. Some who are allegedly in cahoots with the very press they complain about.

However, there are occasions where people who make a living, and who genuinely need to be in the public eye to make that living, prefer to be living a private life when not working. A freedom non-celebrities can enjoy.

Therefore it needs to become a law that once having been given notice that an individual does not wish to be followed / pursued / photographed etc by a newspaper reporter / photographer / representative, that :-

i) should that reporter / photographer / representative continue that behaviour,

ii) the Police should arrest and remove that reporter / photographer / representative immediately.

iii) the reporter / photographer / representative should be found guilty and ordered not to be knowingly within 1 mile of that person for 1 calender year, also be liable to pay any relative compensation.

An individual who has been allegedly libelled by a newspaper / in print should be allowed to seek damages via a Magistrates / Families Court, not the Supreme Court.

On production to that Court of a printed copy of the libel, the defendant would be liable for all the parties costs and the onus of innocence would be upon them.

The Court should be given Powers to seek unlimited compensation / fines / costs, whichever is appropriate.

Also, any children (under 18) of any person deemed of interest to the press must not be identified in any way, by photograph, description, etc by the press and must be treated with the same protection as a rape victim is today, even with a parents given “authority” to identify that child / children.

This protection could be written into the existing Child Protection Act.

Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty, whether committed criminally or by Government sponsorship / blind eye is unacceptable to the majority of the British electorate.

New legislation is needed to enforce existing laws, and create more specific laws to tackle these new unthinkable cruel acts. New legislation needs a New Political Party.

Link to Animal cruelty page…..


See dedicated page

Smart Motorways

A new Cash Cow for the Treasury, but a deathtrap & a minefield for motorists.

See dedicated page

This list is not exhaustive.

“With Rights, comes Responsibilities”

Some people who ignore their personal responsibility towards others, deny others of their rights & freedoms.

Selfish behaviour has to stop.

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