Police in the U.K. Dangerous friend or Foe?

Police in the UK

The Police need to be allowed to Police, independently. Our Police need serious funding, respect and support, not abusing and disrespecting.

This is the only U.K organisation responsible for keeping us safe in the U.K. On the streets and in our homes.

Their work and even their existence, are today put more and more under the microscope by sections of our community, and even by some of our elected ministers. Much to the detriment of the service provided to the British Public.

The Police services of the U.K urgently need the support of the Government. Official Policies are now becoming more favourable towards supporting the anarchists, criminals and the Politically Correct brigade. This has to stop for all our sakes.

They are no longer capable or permitted to function effectively in the U.K.

Breakdown of respect and British society

British Police

Politic correctness mania is generated from the Police College.

The College of Knowledge.

Worshipped by Chief Constables, but too far detached from the Public they claim to serve.

The deterioration is due to historic, chronic Tory under-funding. Political Correctness, Governmental Departmental interference & worrying about their image, Police are now handcuffed from doing their job.

The job the tax payer wants & pays them to do.

Certain “officers” do operate / are allowed to operate while wearing the uniform, on another dimension. Unlike officers dedicated to the Line of Duty, there are officers who are dishonest, corrupt and operate without integrity.

With the Freedoms we could enjoy in the U.K comes personal responsibility, self discipline. That’s the price of Freedom in Britain. Unfortunately, there are too many individuals who do exactly as they want, & the law allows this to happen.

Having no respect towards others or the law, is now a trend and way of thinking which needs reversing. This is now a serious risk to the freedoms of all of us, the majority.


Police funding

Police funding needs reviewing. Where does our money really go? Pensions, Superintendents & chauffeurs.

Traditional Police supporters are now feeling let down by the service, they have received over the last decade. There must be investment. Many people now have no faith in the Police, or just distrust them.

Suggestions of de-funding the Police are ludicrous. Re-organisation is what is needed. A New Political Party is needed.

However, there is now some consideration being given to a de-funding train of thought, in order to pacify a certain section of British society. That would lead to a greater lack of civilisation across Britain.

Anarchy would prevail, and play into the hands of the new wave of Politic Correct Marxists. However, the overall service does call out for serious re-organisation.

Salaries in a top heavy structure

Excessive Police salaries

The positions of those on large salaries should be re-assessed as to their true value to the Tax payer.

Chief Constable salary approx £100+k plus allowances, plus car, plus driver etc p.a

Assistant / Deputy Chief Constable approx £119k – £153k p.a

Chief Superintendent salary approx £85k – £89.5k p.a

Superintendent salary approx. £68k – 81k p.a

Police and Crime Commissioner salary approx £87k = £100k plus allowances p.a

Also note, that the above are all ANNUAL salaries. The relative sized pensions reduce any budget.

Before we see “more coppers on the beat” the overarching higher wages and costs need to be met first. Those costs come from the Community Charge. That’s all the sums above, multiplied by 42 Home Office Forces and for 2 other Forces in England and Wales.

There are even more salaries for the more unique senior ranks in the Metropolitan Police Service of London. Scottish salaries are again higher.

Most of the above ranks have no direct bearing on whether or not we become another victim of crime. Those ranks do not deal with crime on a daily basis.

Their roles are more of keeping out the way and not to rock the boats of their promotion pyramids.

With the above ranks removed from the current structure, the salaries / pensions saved could promote further recruiting and retaining of the Constable and Sergeant ranks. Therefore more Police Officers (Constables and Sergeants) back on the beat, back on the streets.

Most “Fast tracked” promotion ranks spend approximately 6 weeks as a beat bobby before moving on. The only thing they could learn in 6 weeks is “it’s not for them”.

Nothing learnt about local communities, Police team work, process, or people. Just stoking their own career interests.

Police College, Bramshill

The Police College at Bramshill was an institution where only officers of the “Substantial Ranks” would attend. On a C.V, Bramshill would look impressive. Senior officers who had suffered a critical illness in service could recuperate “in post” at Bramshill.

For those Senior Ranks who had “embarrassed” their employing service / Force / Chief Constable, an option was that they could “attend” Bramshill.

Anyone “recommended” to attend Bramshill usually attended this particular college of knowledge under a cloud.

One of the tasks set to this establishment was for the interference and re-arranging of definitions of Laws.

Having passed through Royal Accent, the House of Lords and the House of Commons i.e Parliament, and was already Law.

A number of faceless senior ranks would then set about certain laws and re-arrange the original interpretation and create “Police Guidance”. A bible of “keep out of jail” cards for Police Chief Constables.

Over time this practice has played it’s part in the demise of British society itself, and in creating our broken society.

Bramshill became too well known for it’s own good. Bramshill had become a legitimate target for those who wished ill upon the U.K. In 2015 Bramshill was sold.

The various Departments are now spread around the Home Counties, and only known to outsiders by ‘phone numbers and email addresses. But still their work goes on.

Speed Camera vans

Speed camera vans are an obscene method of fund raising, and needs criminalising as a “road safety” practice . The only honest outcome is they are despised for this cheap tactic.

This practice only victimises the speeding motorist and to raise revenues. If speeding was to be prevented, then the offender concerned needs stopping at the time. Old style “speed traps”.

That would neutralise the offence at the time, and any associated risks. That’s known as Road Safety.

Fines issued on the spot at the time of the offence. Any other relevant offences also considered, & appropriate advice is an option. Getting a £100 fine + points 14 days after the offence only has one outcome.

The authorities receive the fines. To support their budgets. Including the huge Senior rank salaries and associated pensions.

It also ensures that those in the community who are “neutral” towards the Police, usually end up hating them. Not a good P.R stunt when they rely so crucially on the Public for support & information on a regular basis. If there wasn’t big bucks in it, they wouldn’t do it.

Historically, Police would complete a “drive by” or park outside some pubs before 11 P.M on Friday / Saturday nights. That simple, cheap action prevented Drink Driving. It saved serious injuries & deaths.

You don’t see that happening today, because there’s no money in it.

Click here for speed camera information…

Police Support

Police support

Police in the U.K need the public support, but need to re-connect with the public.

The Public need the support of the Police. Most people want to support the Police.

For too long now, the Police have chosen to hide from the Public they claim to serve. Any attempt to approach or assist the Police by the Public seems to be met with suspicion. The public now resent the Police attitude towards them.

The Police – Public inter-action broke along time ago.

The only contact the Police want from the Public is if the Public “go on line”.

Going on line is not an option for many people. To be instructed by a tape recorded voice to complete an online report that concerns them being a victim of crime is like a door slamming in their face. There’s no Human element to British policing any more.

Requesting Police assistance

Police don't try anymore

Are certain sections of our society getting preferential treatment??? because I’m certainly not.

When ‘phoning 101 to ask for local Police assistance, my “Service” usually request my ethnicity. Why? Selective Policing?

Police ‘phone operators who “judge” your needs rather than offering assistance. Condescending unqualified individuals who’s behaviour is a mirror image of their pointless Chief Constables policies.

Why is it never a Police matter any more.

The British Public don’t feel they are getting value for money from our local Police. The public deserve better, because the public fund them.

Where is the support of the Police towards the Public? Where is the support from the Government to the Police?

Where does our funding really go?

Irrespective of the subject matter, their response is predictably “it is not a Police matter”. On one occasion I tried to inform my local “service” of my imminent concerns for the welfare of the 3 year old daughter of some neighbours, on a Saturday.

The local “service” stating “it was not a Police matter”, instructing me to contact the local social Services the following week.

This is the reality of Policing today. Cutting edge, comfy Armchair, don’t care Policing. Always talking a good job, but………..

Why did they ask for my ethnicity?

There is now a deep distrust towards the Police by the British public, not support.

Government support

British Police need appropriate support and funding by the U.K Government, and not being broken apart.

Officers need to support the Public. The Public needs to support the Officers. H.M Government needs to get more “bobbies on the beat” and to ensure Judges give sentences that fit the crimes.

The CPS need to be prepared to prosecute at a much lower marker that at a 75-80% success rate, i.e getting a guilty verdict.

The Government should also be answerable to any victim of crime. A criminal has a choice as to commit a crime or not, the victim of that crime does not have that choice.

In criminal cases, the quality of life of the victim does not receive the respect it should receive from the authorities. Victims need more support and protection from the Government than the Police / Courts presently allocate.

Courts in England & Wales

Law and Order