Law and Order. Stop the Inequality.

Law and Order

Law & Order = Inequality and injustice from the British Justice System. Government cures are knee jerk reactions, for quick votes.

Inequality in the UK Justice system

Law and Order in the UK has become as disjointed as society itself. Possibly society is the cause itself.

Law and Order with the British Justice system is no longer applied equally to each and every one of us. It should be, but some sections of British society seem to do so much better than the rest of us. The Courts obviously see some offenders as being less guilty than others for the same offence. This sympathy for those sections of society to receive far lenient sentences, if not a mockery of a sentence, is due to a number of factors.

Our governments fail to change their view that an offender from certain areas of our society, has more “worth” than the victim of their crime.

This bias in the U.K Law Courts has gone on for too long, and a New Political Party is needed to address this imbalance.

Some sections of society seem to be treated more favourably than the others.

Justice, and sentencing protocols are now based on an individuals colour, religion, gender, sexuality, their Human rights etc.

Law & Order in the UK should be and must be equal for ALL. A crime is a crime. A victim is a victim.

There is too much emphasis on the offender, with their “rights” and demands being the most prioritised issue when sentencing is considered.

Victims are left distraught, belittled and failed by what our system has been reduced to. Only a few offenders nowadays are eligible to be able to “feel the full force of the law”.

The powers of the Courts in England and Wales have been eroded away to be replaced by weak Government “guide-lines”, conceived by the Politically Correct brigade, with knee jerk reactions supported by gross underfunding by those in power. This behaviour is the very catalyst and the accelerator of the social inequality.

Law and Order & the minority / anarchist groups

Anarchy, law and order

The U.K is a state where disrespectful, ill-disciplined, selfish minorities run their rule over, & bully the elected U.K Government & public.

We are all let down by weakness and a lack of cojones from those in power.

Faceless individuals who hold the Government (and therefore the British Public) to ransom to create a new Britain to suit their anarchist, unsustainable ideologies which appear intent to destroy the British way of life.

To deny us the freedoms a generation fought for during WW2, so that we can enjoy today.

These minorities must be stopped from rewriting and influencing for the removal of the freedoms and rights of the majority. Their influence over Government is a treachery to us all.

Law and Order in the U.K must be upheld and preserved for all, to protect British society from this unelected militant cancer which our ministers seek to pacify.

Who are these faceless, unelected individuals who want to deny us our rights by forcing their unqualified views upon us?

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Professional protesters / Anarchist behaviour groups

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Urgent change and improvement

law and order

The whole U.K Justice system needs serious investment after decades of cuts resulting in the decline of standards and justice.

Ignorance of U.K Laws should never be a viable defence.

  1. More prisons / staff, and more Police Officers policing our streets.
  2. Less pandering to the self imposed “rights” of criminals which have no or little legal origin.
  3. More powers to the Courts to dismiss lawyers “ego” and their own “leftist interpretations” of existing laws.
  4. These are the causes of the now unjust system. Law and Order inequality within the UK Justice system of which many of us are now victims of.
  5. A Government that stands up to anarchistic views and those who demand we all change to suit them.
  6. A New Political Party that won’t stand for nonsense and abuse of the British Public.

A New Political Party Government who will defend our quality of life, not erode it.