Green issues, our environment and the UK

A green environment & green issues.

A green UK environment & energy production in Britain should of been a genuine priority for any UK Government. No Government seems serious.

U.K Government & green issues failures

Why have consecutive U.K Governments consistently failed to grasp the nettle on green issues and green energy & our environment?

We could have an abundance of opportunities in all areas of these new wind, solar, tidal and hydrogen technologies and industries.

They have however allowed increased energy prices and guaranteed the well-being of the “big 6” energy companies.

Why? Personal gains or weak leadership?

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The usual governmental response, for any green issue, is to increase the taxation and charging excess’s to car owners / drivers, which is not the way forward.

There has never been a true green commitment by a major government.

So much could have been achieved over the last 30 years in reducing the U.K’s domestic emissions but the only action by government is more tax, tax, tax. No investment in a green future.

Governments solutions is usually to burden motorists with higher taxes, in order to keep the “Green” ideologists & tree huggers happy. This is just further signs that U.K Governments have never taken the matter seriously.

It could be suggested that there is an unhealthy link between the Tory Party and the energy “big 6”, which is detrimental to the British people, Europe and our environment.

Solar Panels

Solar panels in U.K

Solar panels must not be the only U.K response to a greener energy.

It was U.K P.M Gordon Brown who created a positive move towards a greener UK initiative.

By introducing a scheme allowing British home owners to generate their own domestic electricity via solar power panels. Those involved were to be paid over a 25 year period, for excess energy which had been passed into the National grid.

This small but effective scheme was taken up by a large number of the British electorate who wanted a greener Britain. Farmers transformed large fields into solar farms, many roofs becoming covered in panels. This was the first genuine U.K government statement attempting to create a greener U.K.

The scheme also created a small but significant industry of solar panel providers & installers. Employment. The only obvious losers concerning this scheme were the “big 6” energy companies. U.K green issues get blocked at every turn.

Unfortunately, and for no obvious reason, the next government (Cameron & Co.) curtailed the scheme and stopped it completely with a year or two of taking office. This terminated the solar power scheme before any real benefits to the environment were allowed to blossom and become a permanent U.K contribution to global climate change.

Why did Cameron do that? Party donations?

Electric vehicles

electric car

There is now a move towards electric vehicles in the U.K as we see the eventual decline in petrol & diesel engines across the U.K But how to move forward?

The price of electric vehicles must fall. The majority of us can not afford the current prices of any type of new electric car.

The issue that current batteries can only take so many charges, and then need replacing is a problem. The potential faults of this new green technology has not been explained to us in the same way as the bonuses.

Cheaper prices, guaranteed reliability of energy supplies and more confidence in associated products are required for a successful electric, green future.

However, I suspect that once the fuel options have been reduced, electricity will, for U.K Govt. Tax purposes become the new oil.

The U.K has the ability to become a world leader in electric car manufacturing. But there’s no investment. How come?

Hydrogen Power

There is some interest in the concept of Hydrogen powered motor vehicles, especially for the power plant for larger vehicles such as lorries / H.G.V’s where electric motors could not cope due to the demands that come with that consideration. Our leading Universities have proved that hydrogen power is a real option.

But yet again, there is no apparent interest by our Government’s over the years to attempt to become world leaders in hydrogen power technology. Another missed opportunity for U.K businesses.

Wind Power

There was a leading wind power turbine manufacturing company on the Isle of Wight in Hampshire that the Government closed down. It seemed a ludicrous decision then, and although attempts to re-open the factory have taken place, the original decision still seems ludicrous today.

Wind power is an easily enhanceable source of energy across Britain. Other countries have taken up this energy source with more vision and enthusiasm. The U.K has a few wind farms, mainly off shore but nothing like a serious contribution.

One ludicrous decision by the U.K Government was to prevent an independent company setting up a wind farm some 5 miles out to sea. Allegedly it would have disadvantaged the view for some of the land based folk.

With a history of expensive, meaningless public enquiries, a U.K Government needs to look at the bigger overall local / national advantages than pampering to the selfish few.

In 2009 the UK Government indirectly closed down 2 British factories which made world leading wind turbine blades.

Why? Vestas closes wind turbine blade factory on Isle of Wight

In 2018 there was a change of U.K policy and plans were being made to re-open the factory, and it’s sister plant in Southampton. A positive move in a future green Britain.

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Tidal Generators

U.K tidal power

Tidal generators can tap the unlimited energy from around our shores. Opportunities going to waste.

The French have been using tidal power generators to produce domestic power at 240 MW since the 1960’s. South Korea have a Tidal power facility which creates 254 MW since 2011.

A U.K experimental tidal test site was set up in Scotland to research this idea in 2003.

The U.K is an island, with great tidal forces acting upon our shores 24/7 for most of the year. The U.K Govt. doesn’t seem to see Tidal power as an area to invest in. Surely it’s a green, reliable & convenient must.

Nuclear Power

Green environment & nuclear power.

There’s not much debate about the energy a nuclear power plant can produce. They are probably the most efficient power sources we have in the U.K at this time.

However the amount of low level nuclear wastage that is produced on a daily basis, has a shelf life of approximately 300 million years. All that nuclear waste needs to be responsibly removed, then safely & securely stored throughout the life of a working Nuclear power plant.

Therefore, is it in U.K interests to be looking at Nuclear being a responsible energy source for the next hundred years or more?

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Water Companies

The U.K “big 9” water companies have for years emptied raw sewage into our once U.K clean rivers, causing untold damage to our health and quality of life.

Despite existing laws put in place decades ago, the companies have continued to carry on this dangerous, damaging practices using loop holes in those laws. With an exemption to prosecution in times of emergency, there were between 200,000 – 300,000 such discharges in 2019 alone.

Read more here… New U.K laws are required to prevent such events ever happening again, with the C.E.O and the boards of water companies being held personally responsible for the destruction to the environment and danger they put us all in.

Since Brexit, the Tory Government have refused to continue supporting the E.U ruling of forbidding raw sewage being discharged into rivers and seas.

A New Political Party needs to STOP Water Companies from putting ANY raw sewerage into our rivers and seas. Heavy fines, loss of contracts and jail for those who do. New legislation is needed, not abandoning what protections we had.


A New Political Party is needed to bring these offenders to book.

Green issues:- conclusion

In the interests of the British People, our green issues and the environment, any U.K Government must :-

  • Detach Government from the cosy relationship enjoyed with the energy “big 6” power companies
  • Create a national Energy power company without shareholders. Profits to the Treasury
  • expand off shore wind farms
  • Promote solar farms
  • build wind farms
  • build tidal power generators
  • begin a serious Tidal power export programme from around our shores
  • invest in electric vehicle technology / production
  • research / build hydrogen / water powered vehicles
  • New legislation created preventing water companies emptying raw sewerage into rivers, for any reason.
  • Make greater demands of the 3 biggest economies in the World to go green.

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