Political manifesto of changeukpolitics.org

Political manifesto of changeukpolitics.org

Any Political Party needs a significant Political Manifesto.

U.K political issues and policies have drifted from one direction to another over the last 30 years or more.

Because UK Governments over the last 20-30 years have not had a true manifesto, huge sums of our money were, and continue to be, wasted.

Knee jerk decisions being made during that time, & trying to fix issues to appease an abundance of suitors and no doubt for personal gain, cost us all.

A Government’s manifesto, their laid out policies and how they deal with them, effect us all. Not only domestic policies but the foreign policies too.

Chatham House / UK Foreign policy

changeukpolitics.org Political manifesto. Our policies & issues.

Below is a list of those issues that need fixing the soonest. A link is provided to a dedicated page for each topic.