Political manifesto of changeukpolitics.org

Political manifesto of changeukpolitics.org

Every Political Party needs a significant Political Manifesto.

U.K political issues and policies have drifted from one direction to another over the last 30 years or more.

Because UK Governments over the last 20-30 years have not had a true manifesto or planning, huge sums of our money have been, and continue to be, wasted. Governments rarely see through any of their election promises, crashing from one knee jerk disaster to another.

Knee jerk decisions being made during that time, & trying to fix issues to appease an abundance of suitors and no doubt for personal gain, cost us all.

A Government’s manifesto, their laid out policies and how they deal with them, effect us all. Not only domestic policies but the foreign policies too.

Chatham House / UK Foreign policy

The damage that has been done to the U.K people through misguided political meanderings, based mainly on the corrupt and greedy practices of many of our Politicians over generations of Governments has put us in the situation we now find ourselves in.

Most large Government contracts have been passed on to the donors of whichever political party was / is in power at the time. Nothing really changes, just the faces and names of the players involved.

Enough is enough, it’s OUR money, OUR taxes.

On this page are the links to specific areas of where clear planning is needed to ensure a bright and healthy future can be put in place, to protect our loved ones and for generations to come.

Not Knee-Jerk reactions to the latest political hot potato, but planned, thought out ideologues to create and support a brighter tomorrow. It can not be fixed overnight.

People who are qualified should be in charge of the relevant departments, the planning, the decision making, not Party Donors and share holders.

Governments tend to look to a 25 year plan, but the country needs to plan for the next 100 years, in a way that the Victorians took to building for their future, and on which structures we are still relying on today, ie. railways & the London underground system.

Foreign Policy

The UK Foreign Policy appears to have been to play being the puppet of the USA since the end of WW2.

There were the genuine “special relationship” years, of when Pres. Reagan and P.M Thatcher were in power during the respective years / era, but post then, the UK has played to the U.S tune whenever it comes calling.

UK has become more and more reliant on China for basic commodities.

Ever since China has been exporting abroad, China has relied upon the very low wages of the Chinese / Asian workforce to become a dominant global merchant.

The Chinese do not need to compete with minimum wages, workers rights, Unions or an arbitration system. As a result, they manufacture the majority of the worlds needs, at incredibly low prices / overheads and quality.

The Americans in comparison produce relatively good, quality items while juggling stiff legislation, high wages, share-holder dividends and the threat of being sued every minute of the day.

The UK needs to recreate an effective manufacturing base nationally.

Small UK Business’s

Britain needs to challenge Chinese manufacturers domestically.

Small British business’s MUST be encouraged across the UK.

The British workforce needs to become a world leader in quality, design and reliability, but our products need to be cheap enough to offset the costs of our importing lesser quality from China.

We must become as self sufficient as best we can, and as economically as we can. If we don’t sell our products abroad, we should be able to supply our products domestically. Buy British.

The UK needs a New Political Party, with a new, thought out political manifesto.

changeukpolitics.org Political manifesto. Our policies & issues.

Below is a list of those issues that need fixing the soonest.

A link is provided to a dedicated page for each topic.