Portsmouth cable & the Tory donors.

A cable connecting the UK in Portsmouth, across the Channel to France, has been cited as being the result of the Tory party receiving £1.3 million in donations from donors connected to the project.

Those identified are accused of allegedly paying Tory Business ministers to allow an under sea electricity cable project, costed at £1.2 billion & 150 miles long, to connect the UK (Portsmouth) to France.

Something that is not so well advertised is that the company concerned, AQUIND, also intend to lay huge data transferring cables alongside it as being a part of the deal.

Portsmouth cable & AQUIND

AQUIND is a UK company created for the purpose of developing the cable project, but is owned by AQUIND ENERGY SARL, which is controlled by an ex-Russian oil baron, Viktor Fedotov, and who is now a British citizen.

Recently, Fedotov gave half the shares of that company to a Soviet born Ukrainian, Alexander Temerko who is now also a British citizen.

Alexander Temerko has personally supported Boris Johnson for some years offering to financially support Johnson’s Party Leader campaign. 


Both Fedotov and Temerko are multi millionaires, having made their money from the oil and arms industries in Russia.

Both are believed to have had close contacts with the Kremlin, and even with President Putin at times. Close connections with the Russian Secret Services are also assumed to have been the normal and that is probably still the case.


Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK Government Business Secretary is to reach a decision on the plans by September 2021 following a public examination of the scheme, but appears to have decided which side of the fence he stands on already.

Writng to Temerko, Kwarteng says “the Business Dept officials would argue in favour of the project….. with French officials”. The French have opposed the project.

However, it has come to light that :-

the Minister for Energy and Growth, Anne-Marie Trevelyan:-

a)     accepted £2,500 from Aquind in 2020, from a £10,000 donation to the Northumberland Conservatives.

b)   between 2013 and 2015, accepted donations totalling £17,000 from Alexander Temerko made to the Berwick-upon-Tweed Conservative party, when Trevelyan first stood as an MP,

c)    Martin Callanan, formerly a non-executive director of Aquind between May 2016 to June 2017, is the Business Department’s Parliamentary Undersecretary and a Conservative peer.

d)   Alok Sharma, the UK Government’s former Business Secretary declared a conflict of interests in taking decisions concerning the Aquind project, when it became known he had previously accepted £10,000 from Aquind as donations.

The anticipation is that the project will supply enough electricity for 5 million homes in the UK, but there is nothing to suggest that the people of Portsmouth will benefit from this project.

Portsmouth Council have allocated £250,000 to fight Aquind’s application, citing disruption to local traffic and placing areas of the South Downs national park in threat.

Aquind would cause untold damage and disruption to Portsmouth with no clear benefits to our local area,” M.P for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan said.

There has also been additional local planning applications submitted to construct a “store” area, in connection with the project, but which is now being treated with suspicion.

The decision on the project was expected to be announced in September 2021, but additional material has been submitted questioning the necessity of the project, and other logistical issues.

Land where the cable is expected to enter / exit the Channel in France, has not been purchased by the project organisers, and, as the land in question is owned by the French Government, there is not a real possibility that the land would at any time, pass into private ownership.

The French may become the blessing of the Portsmouth residents.

 Tory Donors & President Putin

So who will be / has been benefiting from these cables?

The Latest

On January 20th 2022, Aquind lost their application request to construct their cable/s into Portsmouth, based on the local opposition.

The media coverage and the revealing of the sleaze which had gone on before this decision being made public, i.e the involving of certain UK Government ministers and their beneficial connections to Aquind, clearly had no bearing on this outcome.

However, it is expected that there will be a legal appeal to this decision in the near future.

More Tory sleaze …..

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