Corrupt practices by British politicians

Corrupt practices. Are there no depths to where some British politicians will not sink, when it comes to personal greed and abuse of power? Our tax.

To prevent corrupt practices, the British Civil Service has, for most of it’s existence operated a procurement policy, combining security with value for money.

Transparency is also key, to ensure fair play and where necessary, Government spending can be openly audited like any UK company. The treasury spends our public money, and the public want to know it’s being spent for our benefit.

What the official Government (Treasury) says about spending our money. Read more ….

However, the current (2020/21) UK Government has been found to have been using our money dishonestly.

Here is a list of just some of the corrupt practices individual M.P’s have recently been found out about:-

Matt Hancock (then Health Secretary)

a) failure to publish notices for a “substantial” number of the deals, as required by law. (P.P.E)

Read more …. and here ….

b) his former neighbour wins a multi-million NHS contract.


c) his mistress’s brother is an executive at a private healthcare company which has won numerous NHS contracts.


d) omitted to declare his connection to a company owned by his close family.


Michael Gove

“The High Court has ruled Michael Gove broke the law in handing a public contract to associates of his and Dominic Cummings at Public First”.


David Cameron (ex-P.M) Lobbying / Greensill Capitol

Other Historic cases

Members “expenses”. Corrupt practices?

Corrupt practices. M.P's expenses

The current system is just legalised thieving from the public purse.

The corrupt practices of our M.P’s expenses are historically a bone of contention with the British voters.

The Civil Service, which is the overseeing Government Department that has a strict disciplinary structure towards behaviour of Government employees, does not seem to apply to the most Senior members of that organisation.

As to why or when this grotesque excuse of helping themselves to Public funds for their own good became acceptable to M.P’s is not clear, it does appear to have begun in the post Thatcher era. The practice continues to this day, but albeit somewhat more slightly, but officially scrutinised, by other lesser ranking Civil Servants.

I’m sure that many voters would agree that their M.P, who normally resides in the area of his constituents, but a significant distance from London (Westminster) should be paid an acceptable remuneration towards their London based accommodation needs when carrying out their official duties.

However, a second HOME paid for by the British Tax Payer, should be returned to the Tax Payer when the M.P leaves office. The price of property in London is not cheap.

An M.P should be allowed to claim what he needs in the way of suitable accommodation upon receipt. As is standard Civil Service practice.

Anyone found guilty of committing / attempting to commit fraud against the Civil service is usually sacked from the Service. Possibly jailed.

Also, if a Civil Servant is sacked for fraud, then they will forfeit their pension and contributions. This never happens to our M.P’s, and the full force of the rules should be applied to ALL Civil Servants.

Claiming the costs of a private Duck house or having one’s private moat cleaned, is an unacceptable abuse of their positions, and a jail sentence would of been appropriate in both cases.

However, this practice seems to be across all parties, so therefore any attempts to prevent this immoral activity is never likely to cease, even if the practice is now more underground.

The need for a New Political Party that will stop this abuse is paramount. Only when a transparent, honest, trustworthy party can get into a position of power, can a real challenge to this abuse become a reality.

Corrupt practices by our

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