Cancel the cancel culture

The cancerous cancel culture have reduced our civil rights. British Rights are being reduced by Beijing and faceless keyboard warriors. Our Freedom of Speech in the UK is now just a pipe dream, a lost right that we were prepared to go to war for years ago. 

This culture has prevented us of being allowed to display genuine concerns about social matters.

Cancel culture has prevented us & Ministers from entering healthy debates on immigration, religion or joking about mother-in-laws.

Those who truly control us, are those who CAN NOT & / or MUST NOT be criticised.

It’s think nothing, say nothing. The Thought Police will get you in the end.    It’s 1984 in 2020.

Cancel culture is a UK social cancer.

Just like the The Chinese Communist Party treatment of their own people, and of certain groups operating within the UK.

UK University not to record classes about Hong Kong and China, citing security law risks



Cancel culture Chinese students and Scholars Association is active in UK Universities



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Sainsbury’s worker wins unfair dismissal case in race row …



University lecturer sacked for remarks about Jewish people and Germans



in the front line of the transgender rights debate …

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