FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Trying to engage with the British people.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is behind this website? Names etc….

A. The personal identities of those behind this website remain secure for this moment in time. This is for basic, personal safety reasons, and for the safety of their families.

This decision has been made due to the current trend of unchallenged hatred being readily metered out towards anyone who dares to hold an opinion/s that is not compliant with these ‘professional’ non-democratic anarchistic thugs. Those who purport to know, and instil upon us what they believe is right, and in their eyes, what is for the best.

Protection from those ‘warriors’ who attempt to destroy any individuals lives who don’t comply with Nazi / Marxist / anti-British ideologies. Destroying lives quiet literally in some cases. This is the new norm in British Society today.

However, to answer this FAQ, the founder of this whole new concept is Mr Jon Andrews.

Q. Are the authors of this website really serious about challenging in the Political arena of UK politics?

A. The authors of this website are attempting to create a New Political Party that will represent the majority of British citizens. To represent those who hold center ground beliefs, of equality for all without favour or bias, where British culture and the way of life is respected. The authors are serious.

Q. Is this website a political party at this moment in time?

A. NO.

This website is the means to gather support in order to then go on to create a New Political Party. With sufficient support for the ideas laid out throughout this website, progress through the legal stages of becoming a legitimate party is possible. However, genuine committed support is needed.

Q. Are the authors of this website affiliated / connected with an existing political party?

A. NO.

The authors have voted during their adult lives, but have lost faith in all parties over the last 20 years or more. The 2 main parties always promise “the world” pre-election, then fail us afterwards. Hence the mess we are now in.

Q. Is this another front for the failed Change / Independent / “soreberry” party?

A. Absolutely NOT. Read about that demise here or here….

The website / party names are, at present unfortunately similar but that is where the similarities end. That bunch of hypercritical selfish Tory money spinners were the epitome of everything wrong in UK politics at that time. No wonder they all lost their seats.

The concept of forming a New Political Party via this website is to start from scratch, and to listen to the British people.

Q. Is this just a money making scam by the authors of this website?

A. NO.

The authors of this website are not, at this moment in time, asking for any subscriptions or donations of any kind.

If the concept was to advance towards forming a political party, running a party, supporting members during elections etc then financial backing is essential. But that’s for the future, and all supporters / members

would be consulted as to the best way forward.

Q. How can I add my support for this idea?

A. The best way to offer your support is through the Contact Page.

Either contact us by using the form section or by e.mail. Please add your personal details and a short message as to how you would like to support the concept.

Any additional useful information e.g professional role, ideas, in which area of expertise you feel you could best assist us, and including your U.K location etc would be appreciated.

There will be other questions that have not been added to this page. This is just 7 of the most faq’s/ Frequently Asked Questions.

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