This is a small insight into the author /s and the background as to why this website came about.

There’s a bit of confusion about the position of our UK political Parties today. Who & what do they truly represent? It’s not the British people by the way of things.

The Labour Party has nothing to do with the workers of today, it just seems to support the lazy, loony left ideologists.

And the Tories continue to support ? :- THEMSELVES.

So what about the rest of us who want to work, enjoy our freedoms and live a decent quality of life? Who is looking after our interests?

The interests of those of us who want to see Justice, Law and Order applied to ALL, opportunities applied to ALL, & care and respect shown to ALL and to be able to walk our streets again without fear, & where our Police are not scared to police. Who represents us?

For those who want to live in a society where “positive” discrimination is treated for what it is, DISCRIMINATION.

Try to experience being a victim of “positive” discrimination, there’s nothing positive about it, believe me.

Background of the author /s

A brief background of the author is that they are an IC.1 (white) male who now lives in the South of England / Home counties.

Brought up in a working class community that did O.K, they were influenced by a Labour Party supporting father. Having obtained a mortgage of their own in the 1980’s, the author began inheriting a Tory way of thinking along the way.

  • the author /’s parents served in the R.A.F during WW2
  • Educated through the U.K Primary and Comprehensive schools system that was in place at the time, I obtaining 8 GCSE’s (1970’s).
  • A first few temporary jobs including retail work, pub work and building sites.
  • 1st “real” job working on British Rail (Permanent Way, 3 years) Youngest ever Sub-Ganger on Southern Region @18 yrs old
  • 3 months homeless
  • Ambulance Service / NHS (12 years)
  • Police (Government) (21 years)
  • Married / Divorced
  • Now retired, some D.I.Y and travelling about
  • Some Mental Health issues along the way

This is not the country that our parents believed it was to become after ww2. A belief that the U.K would become a land of the free, democracy and one of citizens rights. The intentions and hopes of a better quality of life in Britain appear to have been pipe dreams. Dreams which have since been denied all of us, mainly due to consistent UK political motives.

Please consider the views which have been expressed throughout this website, and which are completely based on our own life experiences.

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