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Add your support.

Please add your support and help build a New Political Party

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In order to create, promote, & maintain a New Political Party in the U.K, we need you to add your support and help in both the short and long terms.

Like all organisations, requires the assistance of like minded people. This website wants and needs to be it’s own community.

With sufficient support we can turn this cause into creating an official Political Party, which can compete at Local and National levels, so please add your support to this cause.

Therefore if you agree with our despair and ideas for trying to get the U.K back to where we were some years ago, then please show your support.

Your opinions.

Your opinions are welcome.

A Party that includes ALL British people, from ALL British communities is more necessary now than ever before. No matter where you live in Britain, your help is needed.

Age is not a barrier. Our Government should represent and respect ALL British people. However, a certain level of maturity is necessary to achieve our aims, from any age.

To add your support, a supporter must have the ability to debate, to listen to others, to understand others views. We will all have have differing views.

We must remain tolerant and show respect for those with who we do not agree. But all supporters must have a common theme. A desire to drag the U.K back to being a safe and pleasant land.

Not to hand it to the vultures of Marxists and criminals.

That’s not what our service men and women have ever fought for.



The creation of a New Political Party is not about protesting or rioting. It’s about doing. is not about protests or protesting. We are better than that.

The aim is to build a New Political Party based on unity, not division. A party where constructive, positive ideas are allowed to grow. Ideas from across the board, not from behind blinkers.

This will not become a Party existing by blaming everyone else, in order to deflect the criticism from themselves.

This Party will be about listening and developing.

It is not our intention to blame, ridicule or lie. We do not rise above it, we were never that low in the first place.

Add your support please…


Support is also welcomed from those interested in a career in local politics, or Government.

From professionals who could volunteer to help run this campaign, to those with ideas. Financial support to put these ideas into actions is essential.

This cause needs support from honest decent British people who care about their Country. People who can care for others.

Those with a criminal tendency, enjoy corrupt ways, hold selfish views, extremist views, anti-British views, apartheid views, or enjoy discrimination of any type, please do not apply.

There are plenty of other places for those views, opinions and behaviour. Please add your support.

and your support is not wanted if …

  • you are a serving or ex- M.P,
  • you have far left or far right views,
  • you hate Britain or the U.K,
  • you hate anything or anyone,
  • you are a racist (against any skin colour, including white skinned people),
  • you are a bigot,
  • you are a sexual deviant,
  • you are concerned excessively or exclusively with yourself,
  • you are simply seeking or concentrating on your own advantage,
  • you object to someone else’s views with contempt,
  • you are a Chief Constable, a drug dealer, or
  • just hold toxic views towards others,

please do not add your support to this campaign.

You know who you are, you all have your own places to go to, so please go there. There is no I in the word TEAM.

Many thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Jon Andrews

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