Challenge the UK politics of 2021

Starting a New Political Party for Britain.

Aims of change uk politics .org

The aims are simple. To create a New Political Party to represent the centre of U.K Politics. To unite the majority of the British people.


Honesty, Equality and Transparency are the key to good governance. Transparency are the key aims of this website, and of our future New Political Party.

The beliefs, ideologies & manifestos of can be found throughout this website only.

We are looking to bring together like minded British people, and to try to form a New Political Party based on traditional British values.

No more sleazy bumbling Toryism, rid us of the lingering threats from loony Leftism, and the newer rising threat of Marxism.

Electoral Commission

Aims:- to gather support for the cause

One of our aims is to gain enough support & commitment, to then register a New Political Party. Support can come in many ways. The most important kind of support is the “People Support”.

For those of you who are serious about lending your support for this cause, the support will come from all walks of British life. To represent ALL walks of British life.

A New Political Party would need a treasurer, an accountant, an organiser, a lawyer, various experts and advisors who are proficient in their fields, people from all walks of British life.

If Honesty, Equality and Transparency are key to your expectations of a UK Government, then please consider offering your support to this campaign.

Young adults, elderly adults and those in the middle. People who believe in British standards, manners and respect for others. People from all areas of the U.K.

Financial support is always crucial and very welcome.

Anyone who puts themselves first need not apply. No criminal records thank you.

The aims of are to start a New Political Party, to start a new way of governing.

A party that sits in the centre of politics. Some left is good, as is some right, but no far left or right politics. Central politics for fair minded people.

Supporters with charitable views are wanted, but who believe in charity beginning at home. These are the primary aims of this website.

Restoring leadership and guidance

Aims of

Successive UK Governments haven’t had a clue and have Governed as such. The politics of this country needs to be set to Default and re-booted.

British society has now become a septic place.

Divided and hostile, and deliberately so. Created as a platform for anarchy. The U.K authorities need to take positive action A.S.A.P, but that won’t happen.

The Urban Anarchists are out and about, causing nuisance to the many of us, while the Authorities do nothing.

Change UK Politics supports lawful protesting, but will never condone the actions of the anarchistic minority thugs.

Police starting to police on our behalf.

Unacceptable responses from our leaders and Police. Guilty by way of their lack of actions.

Below are just a few areas that need attention, to improve the U.K quality of life for most of us by way of a New Political thinking.

The aims of are :- ……..

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