Building a New U.K Political Party

Change UK Politics

The need for a New Political Party in the UK has never been greater.

Was there a more useless Government, but the only runner in a 1 horse race?

Britain needs a Political change. A New Political Party.

Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Anna Soubrey, Alistair Campbell to name but a few, are the very reasons why the UK is where it is today politically. The very reason why we have no faith left in those we now elect to look after our interests and to protect us and our country.

Corruption, lies, scandals, dishonesty and MP’s “on the take”. Woke, protests and our pointless Police.

That is where we are at in 2021/2 in the UK. That’s how we got into this mess.

The time has come to build a new political party, representing most voters in the U.K, from the very grass-roots of British life.

Join Us.

Help Us build a new political party in the U.K. and Change UK Politics. Politics for all. A new progressive U.K political party. Help build a better Britain.

The United Kingdom needs a New Political Party to re-unite, & to reintegrate the British people and the British communities.

Support this site in creating a new progressive Centralist Political Party, and help Change UK Politics.

Building a New Political Party

No extremism. No prejudices. No greed.

Start again politics. From grass roots. With principles.

Help start a new political party & Change UK Politics.

Help create a New Political Party. Putting British People First.

Britain, along with U.K politics, have been sliding towards the gutter over the past 30 to 40 years.

The UK has been sold down the river time and time again, by various Prime Ministers & Leading Politicians. British society is now never more divided than ever before.

Britain is now so far down the toilet, we’re heading for the U bend of no-return. We need to Change U.K Politics with a brand New Political Party.

The U.K urgently needs a New Political Party. A Party that will put the U.K back to where we need to be, as a united, manufacturing & proud country.

New Political Party

Help build a new political party, & unite Great Britain.

The Tories continue to drag us down which ever road it takes, in order to line their personal millionaire pockets.

Labour continues to follow crazy Leftist loon policies that would destroy the UK within a matter of a few years.

The Greens have a good ideology, but that’s all. No meaningful manifestos on anything else, just taxing motorists to achieve their pointless, ill thought out, goals. However, they are now the 3rd political Party in the UK, almost condemning the Lib Dems to political history.

The SNP only have the one policy, an Independent Scotland, no matter what the cost, to Scotland, to the Scottish people. Who supports the Scottish Unionists?

It’s time to Change UK Politics. Time to form a New UK Political Party in Britain, to represent the MAJORITY of British voters.

To prevent the course of National disintegration, Britain needs a New UK Political Party with a new voice, a British voice, a United voice.

It’s time to Change UK Politics.

This is the state of the U.K today….

  1. Daily murders, gun & knife crime rife on our streets. 2021 set a new record for teen knife deaths in London. A National scandal.
  2. A high level of violence on our streets or in our homes
  3. Accepting drugs and drug dealing openly on our streets as the new normal
  4. Any kind of illegal immigration, not embracing legal & controlled immigration
  5. Justice for all? or the justice of depending on which social group we fall into?
  6. A complete lack of Equal opportunities for all
  7. Police who won’t police without bias or control. Too P.C constrained to Police with equality for all
  8. Scammers violating our every day lives, but going unchallenged
  9. Punishments not fitting the crimes
  10. British standards, manners and respect? All gone. Diluted by by a miss match of alien cultures.
  11. P.C correctness which has fuelled a society of loathing
  12. Freedom of Speech is now viewed as a crime, not a right
  13. Our right of Lawful protesting having been morphed into an excuse for rioting, looting and anarchy.
  14. A society based on selfishness and greed. A society where feral children and drugs are the new normal.
  15. Where has tolerance, respect and care for each other gone? What was our Great British strength has been turned against us, our values have become our weakness, our Achilles heel.

Help build a new political party, it’s time to Change U.K Politics

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